Ancient yet promised city – Hong Kong

On the south coast of China lies a multi-million, unique city Hong Kong. A place where skyscrapers dominate seems uninviting at first but as soon as you feel more than 1500h of sunshine on your skin per year, you will change your mind. The future of the world’s economy hides in this very city which is one of the reasons many people choose it as a permanent home. What is special about Hong Kong is culture. It puts focus on the value of family and faith attracts even more people in so in the next few paragraphs we will focus on why this region is a promised place for many of you.

Gastronomy in the south of China focuses on fresh food, rice and five meals per day. Maybe this right here could be the reason life expectancy here is more than 80 years? Fish dominates the menu and an afternoon tea is almost inevitable. Sounds so light and healthy, right? Of course, if you don’t like this type of food, Hong Kong offers a wide variety of foreign restaurants and markets with all ingredients possible. Prices are also affordable and there are items for everyone pocket.

Entertainment here has exceeded exciting a long time ago. If you plan on living somewhere you also want to know whether your children could enjoy the city as much as you do. Thrust us, you won’t get enough of Hong Kong in a lifetime. The music used to focus on the rich history of China but nowadays you can feel the impact of the whole world on it.

If you want to learn more about how to be an expat in Hong Kong before you decide to move permanently, then what you should do is visit it from October until December. The city shines brightly at this time of year, the weather is cool and sunny and January happens to be the best time to experience festivals first hand! If you want to know whether you will be well-accepted as an expat in Hong Kong, well, we ought to think that not many people feel disappointment. The fast-growing industry brings more people in so natives seem to have gotten used to it! And yes, we know safety is a big question so worry not since Hong Kong is one of the safest if not the safest city in the world! Safety standards are high and healthcare follows closely!

No written word can change what you see and experience in person. Dare and go on an adventure which may lead you to join expat community in Hong Kong but if you are already a part of this place write to us so we can expand this article and share your stories with people interested in the south of China.