Denver, Colorado

Denver is a beautiful city that enjoys about 300 days of sunshine annually and it is the capital and largest city in Colorado. This tourist destination has a lot to offer whether it be historical, cultural, or just pure entertainment. Denver is the best city around that is a mile above sea level. Visitors will enjoy the many different sites and events that only such an amazing city could offer, visiting this destination is a new experience that will be an impression and make your holiday memories that will last a lifetime. 
Visiting Denver is like visiting a new world. Everyone will want to visit Denver because of all the mountains, the waterfalls, and the snow Cap Mountains with all-sky resorts. Denver, it’s one of the country’s most desirable and exciting places to visit. If you are looking for fun things to do in Denver there are so many things to do, Denver is an ever-changing city that has amount number of new events, shows, exhibitions, or attractions to explore. Also, Denver is home to the largest city park system in the country and has the second-largest performing arts complex in the nation. History of Denver is America’s most quintessential region and culture, the first few flakes of gold were found in Denver in 1858. 
Denver, Colorado Tourist Attractions 
As it is mentioned above tourists will enjoy the fun things they will do in Denver, and also there are many attractions worth to be visited. No matter what you want to do, there’s a lot of it in and around Denver. From shopping to hiking, to biking and more, you can find it in the Mile High City. Denver is also called the Mile High City and is the unofficial capital of the Rocky Mountain West. It is a vibrant metropolis with 300 days of sunny skies annually and a youthful, happy feel and because of that Denver is considered the healthiest city in the nation.
The Rocky Mountain is Denver’s number one attraction and offers an unforgettable trip into the heart of the Rocky Mountains. More than 350 miles of trails meander to valleys of wildflowers, thundering waterfalls, high alpine lakes, and craggy, snowcapped peaks. A day at the zoo is the most pleasant one when it’s the Denver Zoo. This unique sanctuary presents almost 4,000 different land and sea creatures, such as Amur leopards, black rhinos, zebras, coral reef fish, king cobras, vampire bats, and gorillas. 
Visiting Denver Botanic Garden is a lovely experience, this 23-acre oasis in the middle of the city has 45 different gardens and some 33,000 plants, as well as one of the nation’s top 10 conservatories. Visitors will have the chance to relax in the Japanese Garden, to climb through the Rock Alpine Garden and explore the new Mordecai Children’s Garden.
The Clyfford Still Museum is to advance the understanding and appreciation of Clyfford Still’s art and legacy through the presentation, research, interpretation, preservation, and stewardship of its unique collections. Clyfford Still was among the first generation of Abstract Expressionists who developed a new, powerful approach to painting in the years. The Clifford Still Museum collection has nearly 94 percent of the artist’s lifetime output, includes approximately 2,400 works created between 1920 and 1980.16th Street Mall, the Pedestrian Mall offers numerous fountains and plazas of a variety of daily special events and entertainers. The 16th Street Mall is a tree-lined, pedestrian promenade of red and gray granite that runs through the center of Denver and is lined with outdoor cafes, renovated historic office buildings, sparkling glass-walled skyscrapers, shops, restaurants, and retail stores.
This city of Colorado area is home to some professional sports teams that thrill sold-out crowds throughout the year, from basketball to baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and rugby. The most popular is The Colorado Rockies baseball team that breaks 11 Major League Baseball records and until today still stands as the most to attend any American sports team’s games in a single season. 
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