Koh Tao, Thailand

A holiday to Koh Tao is a great memorable experience touring such a beautiful island. Koh Tao is one of the islands starring in the tourism scene of Thailand. Koh Tao Island is located on the southern side of Thailand in the Central Gulf. Koh Tao is an island with lots of sites that are frequently visited by its tourist. 
Some are the unique natural beauty of the island, the gathered history of the island, and ever blossoming beaches that never end their amazement. Koh Tao Island can be accessed by ferry from some of Thailand’s mainland ports, or by airplane using airlines in some domestic airports within Thailand
Attractions at Koh Tao Island
The attraction sites to see in this wonderful island of Koh Tao at the Central Gulf are: 
Diverse jungle wildlife species can be found in national parks and nature reserves within Koh Tao Island. Check out the largest lizards of this world popularly known as the Monitor Lizards, or in other words concerning their origin, the Komodo Lizards.
Visiting Koh Tao gives tourists the chance to get close to this longest-lived species of this planet believed to have existed for hundreds of millions. This species is the only surviving mark left of the dinosaur era. Other animals would be the indigenous snake species, many colorful butterfly species and so many beautiful land and sea bird species that dwell in the island. 
Explore many interesting volcanic features of this island. Such features include the John Suwan Mountain that is one of the highest points of Koh Tao Island. This mountain has a station for mountain climbing. Nearby is a forest with many tree species. This mountain region has been a popular destination for mountain climbing at the mountain and hiking in the fresh green forests. Ang Thong Marine National Park takes you to the aquatic side of Koh Tao Island. If you love water then you would love the life within it. This park showcases many marine species like the starfish and many other fish species of the Central Gulf. 
Near Sairee Beach is a rocky area called Fraggle Rock can be seen even from the beach. Tourists interested in rock climbing and even those who would like to try out the task can be guided by professional rock climbers to climb up the huge rock without harming themselves. 
Koh Tao has a large dense forest often called a jungle because it is so big that many wild animals can use it at a comfortable habitat. This large land of jungle forest can be seen by taking a helicopter ride around the green jungle. Koh Tao beaches glam with lots of fun flavors under the summer sun and the vibrant nightlife in the night clubs.
With white sandy beaches, warm turquoise blue sea, marine parks for scuba diving, and the strong breeze creating significant waves in the sea, the beaches are a must to visit and stay for a while in the nearby beach resorts that serve nice Thai cuisine at all times. Many water sports take place including the kayaking sport in the gulf, skiing, and diving in the clear gulf waters.