North Cyprus

One of the best uncrowded destination in the southern part of Europe is North Cyprus. This is still like that because of the sanctions for international isolation this island had. That’s why not so many tourists visit it, which makes it a perfect getaway. Since it is not so commercialized as many other European tourist destinations in this part, it makes it a great place to spend an unspoiled holiday with your family or friends. This island will welcome you with its warm and surprisingly clear sea, you can enjoy the perfect gold-sand beaches, perfect mountain views and so many other attractions.
Northern Cyprus is a destination that is well known for the hospitality of the native people living there. This place has so many cultural and historical places that will take your breath. The architecture of the island will impress you and if you like the history of this part of Europe, make sure you take a look at all the castles, museums, and monuments that will take you back to the history.
The hot Mediterranean climate makes North Cyprus a perfect destination during the summer. The untouched beaches are a perfect place if you want to run away from the places crowded with tourists. The landscape of the island offers unforgettable views with stunning sunny beaches and rocky coves to the wilderness and the great beauty of mountains rising high in the middle of the island.
Being a Mediterranean island gives North Cyprus lots of sunny days throughout the year. Summer is long here, since it begins in May and ends in October. The temperature at the beaches is around 30°C during the summer and few degrees higher at inland, while at the mountains is cooler and refreshing which makes them perfect place for hikers or just enjoying the beauty of nature.
Another good thing about this perfect holiday destination is that the English language is widely spoken which will make it easy to communicate with native people. Also, the price of the products in the shops is shown in British pounds, and the traffic drives on the left side of the road. Native people are well known as warm and friendly people which will make your stay there very pleasant and unforgettable.
When you are walking around, make sure you know the place of all the great tombs of the Kings, as well as all the museums, and magnificent churches among all the other archaeological miracles made centuries ago. There is a legend about the Goddess of Love called Aphrodite. The legend says that she was born there, so if you are planning to get married in a romantic place, this would be the perfect destination for you. Another place you should visit while you are there is Kyrenia. It is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Cyprus.
While you are there you should rent a car since public transportation is not very adequate. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a weekend or more for a holiday to this travel destination, you won’t get disappointed. This stunning holiday island is suitable for all kinds of tourists and offers something for everyone.
North Cyprus is not an attractive destination during the winter since there is not much snow falling, but mostly rain. The temperatures are low and you may see snow falling around Kyrenia, but that is not so often as well. During the spring is also not so attractive, since the weather at that time is not stable at all, followed by rainy days, heavy storms, westerly wind, etc. Autumn is short but turbulent, but that’s why summer is long and hot and offers great holiday conditions.
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