Visit Morocco

“The land where the arid desert meets the Sea”

Morocco best known as the Gateway of Africa has a variety of landscapes and stunning contrasts, from beaches and deserts to high mountains and vibrant cities.

From the first moment, this country will touch your five senses. You are going to feel overwhelmed by the number of colors of the buildings and the different spice’s smells in the markets, you will be stunned by the majesty of its mountains, the infinity of the Atlantic beaches, and the vastness of its dessert.

Are you ready to live a new exotic experience?

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We have a different kind of package holiday in Morocco, and all our tours are committed to supporting our local people. These package tours include many different activities, depending on what you like:

Mountains & Desert activities:

Going to the Sahara desert is much more than treading great dunes: is crossing the Atlas, visiting the thousand Kasbah, is meeting Berbers and artisans, and listen to the tunes of traditional Gnaoua musicians, is hiking up North Africa’s highest peak, is taking camel trekking and sandboard activities is sleeping in a Jaima and enjoying the incredible sky during the night, among many other things.

You will definitely live intense emotions at Sahara dessert.

Vibrant Cities:

Morocco’s cities are some of the most exciting of the continent. In Fez, Marrakech, Ouarzazat, and Casablanca you will find the most spectacular spicy markets, you will enjoy getting lost in the medina, do shopping in the souks and admire the number of palaces and mosques.


There are more than 3,500 kilometers of coastline in Morocco. From the rocky Mediterranean coast to the endless beaches of the Atlantic, there are hundreds of resorts, where you can rest, swim, and have fun. Apart from a wide variety of food, there are also, complete sports programs and a lot of events.