Best Activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya for singles

Whenever we travel, we imagine that each of our tours would be great if we had our soul mate by our side. The truth is that this is in the past. Cancun, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, has become perfect for those people who want to know the city in a more free way and with the accessibility of activities and things to do that this place offers to each of its travelers. It doesn’t matter if you travel with friends or you travel alone in the city. The truth is that Cancun should be one of your main goals to visit while you are single.

First, before you travel, we know that it is hard not to go with someone close to you, and you might want to share this experience with some friends, which will be significant because by sharing most of your experiences with your friends, you can easily save a few dollars. It will be much easier for you to get discounts or even the things you plan to do will be cheaper, splitting expenses like renting a house, hotel room, City car rental Cancun service and also the meals you make in the city will be much cheaper.

Once you have solved this, there is very little left to plan and many places you will have to visit, some of them are the following:

Visit the city’s bars and nightclubs

One of the most sought after areas for this type of activity is the hotel zone and Yaxchilan Avenue, where you can find most of the city’s nightlife attractions.

If you plan to leave the city, you can visit the Riviera Maya, where you can visit the Cirque du Soleil, a circus of impressive shows and delicious food. You can also not miss the experience of living by yourself Xochimilco, a piece of this incredible city in the Riviera Maya that will catch all your senses. If you feel much more adventurous, you can visit Xplor Fuego at night, where you will take to the limit the extreme experience in a tour by ATV and some ziplines on the way to the fire!

Also, Playa del Carmen is a great place to visit, and you’ve probably already heard about Avenida 12, a place where most of the clubs in town are located and where you can enjoy the real party all night long!

By day visit beach clubs and catamarans

These sites are ideal for spending an incredible afternoon with friends or new friends, why not?

Some of the coolest clubs you can visit in Cancun is Mandala Beach, where usually in the mornings, and especially on weekends, you can enjoy a super nice party atmosphere, with live DJs and foam parties at the pool.

You can visit another club of the most important in Tulum as Papaya Playa Project; you will love it because most of their designs are made of wood, great for those photos on the beach to share on Instagram and your social networks.
Playa del Carmen is also a great place to party. Playa Mamita’s and Mamita’s group offer private beach parties both day and night, where you can also enjoy the incredible live shows and perfect music for dancing all day long!

Enjoy your travel!

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