Egypt is one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. There are a lot of facts that affect travelers in the last period. With all the political issues that were going on in the last period, tourism is not really in its best days, but sooner or later when things get better, the beauty this place has will keep attracting tourists from all over the world. Egypt is a very large country. There are many tourist attractions, which include well-known places and the world’s most famous ancient pyramids in Giza. Tourism season is divided into two general seasons, mild winter and sunny summer. 
Between November and March, the days are pleasant and warm, the nights are pleasant and cool. Months of April and May are considered the ideal time to visit any destination in Egypt. Then the temperatures are mild and pleasant. From June to September the weather is very hot, deserts and wet in the Nile valley. One of the best tourist place which is visited during October and February is Luxor. This place has been a tourist mecca ever since Nile steamers began calling in the nineteenth century to view the remains of Thebes.
As inevitable accessories for travel in Egypt, consider sunglasses, hat, good hydration … Journeys in the deserts, in this time of year, is not recommended. The end of September and October and April and May are considered ideal for tours in Egypt. It is considered the ideal time to cruise the Nile. Once you get there you should visit Egypt’s most popular destinations such as Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. They are offering perfect sandy beaches, great hotels, and all kinds of different things that will keep you busy during the day. 
The Red Sea Riviera is a place that every tourist in Egypt loves. It has perfect conditions for tourism all year round; it is thus the perfect sun and sea attraction to get away to when the sky gets too shady back in your homeland. The majority of Egypt’s landscape is a desert, except for the White Mediterranean coast, the Nile Valley and the Delta. One of the most visited travel destinations in Egypt is the country capital city Cairo. This is an administrative capital that has always been attracting travelers centuries ago. The range of great places to go in Egypt is huge. you will need to be active all the time to manage to explore the most of them. 
Other very attractive places for adventurers in the Western Desert oases are the stunning Great Sand Sea desert and the Sinai desert. There are so many things to be done here. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Egypt. As one of the most adventurous moves is motorbiking which almost everyone loves the adrenalin do, hiking the beautiful mountains of Sinai, and camping in the mysterious White Desert. 

If you want to have a wonderful holiday in Egypt, you can visit the shores of Egypt, dive and search for underwater treasures and abundance of undersea life. You should try to discover the unexpected, so the best you can do is get diving equipment, find someone that will guide you, and go in the deep for an endless adventure. Some of the biggest diving attractions are the Napoleonic era warship wreck dives, the German submarine, and other underwater ruins in the Mediterranean that are dating many centuries ago. If you don’t care to dive but would still love to get wet, you should choose surfing on the perfect waves! It is an unforgettable adventure that you shouldn’t miss. 

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