New York, United States

New York is a title referring to one of the states of the United States of America and one of the largest cities in America, New York City. New York has been a tourist destination for foreign tourists from all over the world and a dream destination for many teenagers and young adults. New York is famous for its significant history, its formation, and many attractive sites within it. New York’s city population has been expanded over the years by foreigners who have been convinced by the beauty of the city that it is a nice place to dwell in. New York State has lots to offer in the tourism sector with sincerely, highly-regarded hospitality services.
New York’s attraction sites include: 
The Empire State Building in New York City is a tall building that gives an overall view of the whole city from atop the building. Visitors just have to get a ticket to reach the top of the building and experience the power control over the whole city from a standing point.  The Statue of Liberty is another site of important history to the United States of America. The statue is a symbol of freedom for all American dwellers including the foreign people that to dwell in any state of the United States of America. 
Grand Central Tour takes you around the Beaux-Arts architectural buildings that consist of shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and nice hotels. The Grand Central was established in the early twentieth century hence officially opened in 1913.  Rockefeller is a large center with many amusements sights like its Christmas tree, its mostly-visited ice-skating station, the famous Radio City Music Hall, many shopping centers, exotic hotels, and fine restaurants. Rockefeller is located in the Manhattan area of New York. 
Discover the immigration history of Ellis Island in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. This Island is accessible by ferry transport, which is an enjoyable journey. This museum showcases the historic events of the island through tours around the historic sites of the island and movies created to show the tragic moments of the immigrants who used to live on this island. 
The American Museum of Natural History has numerous historic exhibits that have been stored in the museum since 1869. There are many exhibits that visitors must see to learn more about the history of the American continent. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a collection of millions of majestic artwork by many famous artists all over the world. This is the largest art gallery to visit while touring New York and of course many of the collection will surely impress each visitor that visits the gallery. 
The high population of New York City necessitated the establishment of many accommodation facilities including special ones for tourists. New York has some of the top-ranking world-class hotels. They offer hundreds of self-equipped rooms, swimming pools, professional hospitality services, and various international cuisines. Exotic spa facilities are available within the vicinity of the hotels. Club sports are all around so visitors can enjoy partying all night long. 
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