Activities to shake up your heart in Cozumel, Mexico

Are you a fan of the beach, one-day trips, and outdoor activities? Yes? Great! But are you a fan of all mentioned in the winter season? If so, then Cozumel is your promised city. The western coast of Mexico is a gem above gems which shines brightly on the vacation map of many travelers nowadays which motivated us to visit it and see what all the fuss is about. We were truly stunned and all we heard about it was not true since it exceeded all our expectations!

We can not decide was it food or the scenery that amazed us so we chose to book a couple of tours to help us decide. That is when we fell in love with the place and this next few paragraphs will be humble but dedicated to the true beauty of Cozumel, Mexico.

Nowhere is the sky so clear and nowhere the stars shine so bright like there. Is it the ancient energy of the region and many undiscovered secrets or is it just the people it is not important. What we felt was special are the tours that are carefully taught of.

One of those tours is private jeep excursion with lunch included. This short, one day trip can be easily customised so take that opportunity and shape it to your imagination. Snorkelling is widely popular since the underwater world in Mexico is like paradise. Bright colours of the fishes and corals are inviting and there is a danger you might fall in love with it. Exploring the local reefs will make your heart race from excitement and how would it not! Knowing that something is thousands of years old just boils your blood and makes the adrenaline flow stronger than ever.

Discover and play with the dolphins which will welcome you as warmly as the local people. Be warned, you might even get a kiss on the cheek from these special creatures. If you get this on camera you are a lucky one so frame this photo and place it in your office! Archaeological sites are all around Cozumel so whoever finds it interesting to go through ancient findings can easily check them out. Many beaches must be visited because they all have a unique charm. Some even have private beach clubs with special offers so if you like to party this is the tour for you. The bad side of it is that you can never have too much fun so it will be hard to stop and go home.

Vacation addiction is a thing so be careful. Downtown Cozumel villa will not make it any easier and there is a big risk you will like it here so much that soon you will be looking around for jobs and permanent accommodation. If that happens to contact us for more advice and details about how to get around Mexico and Cozumel, to be more precise!