Traveling to and from Ukraine you might consider using the Boryspil International Airport near Kiev which is the main transport hub in this country. The airport has a connection to major cities in the world such as Rome, Prague, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Munich. Train is another option when traveling to Ukraine. There are daily direct overnight trains from Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Belgrade, Bucharest, Warszawa, and Sofia to Kiev and Lvov. If you love the sea you can use the ferry services from Istanbul, Georgia, and Varna to Odesa or Crimea. 

This is a beautiful country situated in Eastern Europe and bordering the black sea to the Northwest, Belarus to the north Russia to the east and Poland to the North West. Its Capital city is known as Kiev.


There are several prestigious five-star hotels in Kiev, Donetsk and Lviv where you can stay. Many hotels offer a choice of two kinds of accommodation. The western style suites or the East European style rooms with the latter choice being much cheaper.
Carpathian Mountains are made up of an enchanting mix of the mountains, montane forests, meadows, and the friendly local people. This beautiful mixture has made the c mountains to be the most popular tourist resort and tourist center in Ukraine.
Poltava historical site is situated between Kharkiv and Kyiv. It is renowned as the site of a 1709 battle between a coalition of Cossacks, led by Mazepa, and the Swedes led by Charles XII against the Russian army of Czar Peter I. this battle resulted in the Russia’s prominent position in Europe
Located on the outskirts of the ancient town of Cherkasy in the Uman region, Sophievka Park covers an area of about 1547hectores. its landscape is made up of water, land, architectural works, and sculptures. Here you can have a wonderful time walking around and marveling at some of the sculptures and enjoy a lot of other outdoor activities.
Chernihiv is an important historical site in Ukraine. It has a renowned human settlement for over 2,000 years. This city of Chernihiv was the second most important Ukrainian city during the Rus’ period of Ukrainian history, often serving as a major regional capital. Come here and travel the history lane of the Ukrainian people both from the cultural and architectural dimensions. 
Kamyanets-Poldilsky is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and it is regarded as a city of great cultural importance. A rocky island skirted by the tight loop of the Smotrich River flowing in a picturesque canyon, served as a unique pedestal on which over more than a thousand years both well-known and anonymous masters created a miracle in stone. Listening to stories associated with this great city give dip insights into the culture of the people here. 
Famous for its unique architecture, Kiev is an important tourist attraction in Ukraine. It offers an opportunity to take part in the largest number of fun activities: visiting museums, historical monuments, amazement parks to night clubs, and enjoying a delicious meal in one of its many prestigious hotels.