Yunnan, China

Yunnan is a major tourist attraction site in China. It is the whole province in the southern part of China’s territory. Its administrative and political headquarters are in its provincial capital city of Kunming. Yunnan offers diverse natural beautiful scenery, lovely Chinese cuisine, and its highly regarded heritage sites. Tourists can either access the Yunnan of China in three possible ways. They can board a train from either Hanoi or Chengdu in Sichuan. They can also use airlines that fly to Wujiaba Airport in Kunming.
River Mekong that is between Yunnan and neighboring Chiangsen Saen in Thailand is navigable hence speedboats from the Golden Peacock Shipping Company are used to travel from Thailand to the Yunnan province of China. There are also road connections from places within China and states neighboring Yunnan that can be used to reach Kunming City by public bus transport.
Things to see in Yunnan, China 
Most of the accommodation facilities in Yunnan are hotels. These hotels range from the modest to the luxurious ones. The five-star hotels are mostly found in Kunming. Others can be found near the tourist attraction sites. Hotels that can be booked in Kunming are: Grand Park Hotel, Kunming Hotel, Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel, Golden Dragon Hotel and Camelia Hotel.
The Stone Forest is a place to explore the unique culture of the Chinese tribes living in the Yunnan District as well as the natural landscape features of the place. The virgin forest is amazing to hike around. Meet the Sani villages in the forest area and even purchase the admirable sculptures and embroidery made by the talented artists of the region.
Tourist Attractions in Yunnan 
There are many natural features to be seen in Yunnan Province. The Meili Mountain, also known as Kawakarpo Mountain, never stops to amaze people with its ever-glowing snow-white structure on its rocky body. Near the mountain are any major springs like River Jinsha, River Lancang, and River Nu. The surrounding vegetation of trees and evergreen grass creates beautiful scenery of the snow mountain itself.
Just like other destinations in China, Yunnan has a Buddha monastery. The Sumzanling Buddhism Monastery located at the slopes of the Zhongdian Mountain is the most visited Buddhist monastery because it is the largest.
Lijiang Town is an ancient center that still exists even to date. Lijiang has been a town for more than eight centuries. The culture of the people living in it is still maintained. Its interesting history is narrated during the tour to this town.
Enjoy cable car riding at the Jade Dagon Mountain. It is also referred to as the glacier park because it is covered with snow. Touring this area requires that tourists should carry warm clothing to avoid the effects of the low temperatures of the place.
Xizhou Town is also an ancient place. It has been a town for many centuries. Xizhou is famous for its unique Bai culture of the community living within it. Many structures that existed since the past centuries can be found in this town. These include the buildings and the exact streets that have been used for many centuries.