3 Reasons to Visit Morocco

What is the most exotic place you have ever been to? Do we mean the most excentric, vibrant, and exciting at the same time? For us, it was without any doubt Morocco which we just came back from. It was hard trying to write this article since all the memories still haven’t set properly and we don’t know where to start which is why we will give you 3 reasons why you should visit the nearest agency and book your next trip.

  • As we have already said, Morocco is one if not the most exciting country we have ever been to. Want to know why? Because it is a true representation of the old world adapted to the new one. It is one of the most developed and stable regions of North Africa and it invests a lot into tourism. If you want to know more, visit a Morocco travel agency, and you can find the best offers and Morocco tours you can choose from and it is always being updated. It is not one of those places that you go to, look around and you have done it all. Here you need to try riding a camel or eating a spicy dish so you can say you have experienced it to the fullest.

  • Nowhere in the world you can see such vibrant colors and hear such exotic music everywhere you look around. The best time to visit it is spring or fall because the temperatures are not too extreme and it all gets alive. People are out on the streets, the stores are all open and Casablanca, Moroccan most famous city has the most to offer at that period of the year. Movie tours, a movie like restaurants and scenery is the main reason that made us decide to write this article. One word of advice, don’t choose the most expensive restaurant. Choose the one hidden from our sight where all the locals eat because there you can try the most authentic tagine, harira, and bastilla. We are sure you don’t know what these dishes are and you don’t need to know it before you hit Moroccan streets!

  • Last but in no case least is the culture. It is probably different than most other cultures you came across but. Be inspired because they truly value great things. They will respect you, make you feel welcome and safe, and most of all, they will teach you their culture if you show some interest in it. You will find out why exactly women wear hijab, why men can have more than one woman, and respect them all equally and that their religion is based on the same principals as any other.

The reasons wee mentioned above may not be what you were looking for. We talked to you from the heart and told you what we thought was most important because all else you can find out at the scene. These things above are valuable to know and maybe even remember but if you think there is something more important for people to know about Morocco, we can’t wait to hear your opinion!

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