Canada – Visitors Guide

There is not a country in the world that is not beautiful and exciting in its own, unique way. Sometimes one place surprises you more than the other not only by the things you can see and experience but also with many opportunities. One country such as this is Canada, the cold land on the north with the warmest hearts!

Canada is visited by millions of people each year and many of them end up coming back at least one more time so we thought there had to be a good reason for that. So, we began our investigation by buying a plane ticket to Toronto. Without knowing what to expect as we land, we packed our cases and went for it. Little did we know that we are about to meet the kindest, most welcoming people. Canadians seem to be on a special mission and it is to get you to love them and their country and it was successful.

First of all, we fell in love with the richest nature in the world. Every tree has its place and purpose and it is loved and well kept. Second, comes the food and drinks. It is that type of soul-melting food that helps you endure the cold outside and it seems to be the best choice for what you are about to face. And it is the third thing we want to mention the outdoor activities! Rich food is needed not only because of the low temperatures but also because of never-ending walks and adrenalin sports! You can choose anything from hiking to paragliding and even waterskiing. Depending on the season, Canada has many activities to offer!

What we loved the most is the IEC Canada has to offer! What is that, you are wondering? Well, Working Holiday Visa Canada can provide is a part of a special program where you get to experience the country at its fullest! You can work with this type of visa for up to two years and travel at the same time. You can do thousands of different jobs depending on your qualifications and you get paid regularly. Isn’t this amazing? Why don’t you recommend your friend as well? Imagine working and traveling with your best friend abroad and discovering new places, meeting new people and simply enjoying life while learning and earning!

To sum it all up, Canada is a land full of opportunities and it should be appreciated as such! Have you met this queen of the north or are you planning to? If you are still hesitating please stop! Pack your bags as soon as you can and keep moving!