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Central America, Fozia


Curacao is a Caribbean island. It is popular for its Dutch culture that is expressed through the architecture of the buildings and the paintings on them. The local language is known as Papiamento, which is a blend of the Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish languages.

Central America, Fozia

Aruba Island

Aruba Island is one of the Caribbean Islands, and it neighbors Venezuela to the north. Aruba Island is under the governance of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Aruba Island is one of the holiday and leisure stops for many international tourists.

Central America, Fozia


Nicaragua is a Central American state that shares coastlines with the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Nicaragua is an upcoming developed control with useful infrastructural facilities and transportation extends to farther destinations around the world.

Central America, Fozia


The Honduras state is a Caribbean island. It neighbors Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala within the Central American region. The island is a self-governing country, with well-laid infrastructure, and public facilities.

Central America, Fozia

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the finest tourist destinations in the Caribbean region. The Puerto Rico republic consists of three regions: the Puerto Rico Island, Culebra, Isla Mona, and the Vieques Island. Puerto Rico is a member of the United States of America commonwealth states; hence, visitors visiting this country can enter the country without a passport if they come from a U.S. commonwealth state.

Europe, Fozia


Azerbaijan is an independent state that was separated from the Soviet Republic in 1991. This country has a lot to offer to its tourism sector, thanks to its rich natural resources. One of the features the put Azerbaijan to the top list of worldwide-recognized tourist destinations is that it has more than half the total population of mud volcanoes in this world.

Asia, Fozia


Lebanon is one the states that has a long history. Roman rulings and other Roman structures have survived within the country for thousands of years. Lebanon has many other attraction sites waiting to be seen.

Asia, Fozia


Iraq enjoys a wide range of world heritage sites. It is now a peaceful country thanks to the efforts of the United Nations Organization and some positive minded citizens of the country.

Asia, Fozia


Syria was a fine country to visit. It is rich in heritage with many history-bearing sights to find, especially those that hold the backgrounds stated in the Christian religion’s book, the Bible. Syria is an Asian country, and it belongs to the Middle East group of states.

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