Curacao is a Caribbean island. It is popular for its Dutch culture that is expressed through the architecture of the buildings and the paintings on them. The local language is known as Papiamento, which is a blend of the Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish languages. Curacao is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean thanks to its richness in heritage, natural beauty, and extensive, white sandy beaches. 
When planning to travel to Curacao, note that there are here major entries into the island. The Hato International Airport located in the northern part of the island serves international flights between Curacao and several places around the world. The Curacao Mega Pier and the Curacao Cruise Terminal is the main port entry for Curacao Island. Many ships transport people from nearby Caribbean islands to Curacao’s port. The large size ships arrive at the Mega Pier Terminal while the small capacity ships stop at the Curacao Cruise Terminal.
Curacao offers a wide variety of accommodation options to its tourists. There are beach resorts, villas, and luxurious hotels to choose from. Most of the resorts have restaurants and bars within them. Meals can be put on the schedule for clients with a delicious selection of the local cuisine and some international dishes. Some villas, like the Flamingo Villa at Saint Willibrordus, provide a private pool, and its location gives a strategic general view of the ocean.
Curacao’s cuisine is a mixture of various imported and local dishes. The dishes offered by the hotels and restaurants on this island possess the West-Indian, European, Indonesian, and the Netherlands techniques of food preparation. Chinese fast food joints can also be found on the island. In Curacao Island, there are many types of distinctive restaurants. The Snacks are the small Chinese restaurants that serve affordable Chinese fast foods.
Others range from the cheap range and mid-range to the expensive ones that offer international-caliber food services. The Bistro le Clochard, for example, is a luxurious restaurant that provides remarkable French dishes, and its serene is attractive with a nice strategic view of the ocean. The Sculpture Garden Restaurant is popular for its varieties of international cuisines that are served with newly designed dishes by the professional chefs of this restaurant. Thus, there are many places to stop over and enjoy a nicely prepared meal while touring the Curacao Island.
There are many attractions to find on Curacao Island. These include the Kura Hulanda Museum that tells of the history of the African slave trade and the cultural heritage of the people of Curacao Island. Get to see the massive Queen Emma Bridge, which is a pass for ferries and ships into Saint Anna Bay. The Christoffel National Park shows the ancient background of the island through the many centuries-old paintings by the Arawak Indians. Mount Christoffel is a landmark attraction in the same national park. Other places to visit are the Curacao Sea Aquarium (a place to see dolphins), the Hato Caves, Curacao’s Marine Park, and the several white sand beaches to enjoy the warm sunny leisure next to the cool waters of the Caribbean.