Dominica is an island that faces the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean on both of its opposite sides. Dominica is a member of the Lesser Antilles group of islands. It is popular for its mountainous landscape, its wide variety of flora and fauna species, its extensive and vibrant beaches, and a variety of natural features that beautify the island from the mainland to the coastline. 
The capital city of Dominica is Roseau City. English and French are the two spoken languages in this island. Dominica has a prosperous tourism sector thanks to its successful trans-border transportation that enables international tourists to access this island conveniently. The hospitality is fine and there are many tourist sites to be seen as well as the coastal beaches to enjoy leisure time. 
Dominica Island can be accessed by both plane and ferry transport. However, the air transport in Dominic is not widespread because accessing the island means that you have to access other Caribbean islands to reach it. The destinations connected to Dominica Island are Antigua, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe, San Juan- Puerto Rico, and Barbados amongst other destinations within the Caribbean. Dominica has two airports that operate international flights. Hey are the Melville Hall and Canefield International Airports. Roseau is the major port destination for those traveling to Dominica from the neighboring islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique
When planning to spend several days within Dominica Island, checking on the available accommodation facilities in Roseau City online is advisable. This is a strategic plan to find a suitable facility that matches your preferences. The varieties of accommodation facilities with stop by. facilities are the beach resorts, beach villas, lodges, and luxurious hotel rooms. Some of the facilities are located outside the city and towns, for those who would like a noise-free environment. 
Planning for meals in Dominica can be interesting. The dishes are full of seafood ingredients including coconut drinks. There are sorts of unimaginable, fruit juices like the avocado-pear juice and the red juice that is made using hibiscus flowers that are readily available to be tried in the restaurants, bars, and hotels.
Dominica is a nice place to enjoy your holidays as a tourist on the island. There are many places to visit on this island and many fun activities to enjoy in the coastal regions and within the mainland. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a huge spot to get close to Dominica’s unique natural features and enjoy hiking in the park. The features to see are the three lakes, Middleham Waterfalls, and the volcanic mountains.
The Glassy tour is a hiking trek through a jungle and it ends at the cliffs of the coast. Standing near the cliffs is dangerous because the ocean’s waves can rise to a height higher than that of the cliffs, so they can knock you into the ocean. Champagne is a snorkeling spot to view the aquatic environment of the ocean and the underwater volcanic vents that keep on blowing bubbles is an amazing sight.