Aruba Island

Aruba Island is one of the Caribbean Islands, and it neighbors Venezuela to the north. Aruba Island is under the governance of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba Island is one of the holiday and leisure stops for many international tourists. It has a variety of tourist destinations to be seen, and its extensive, white, sandy beaches are always vibrant. 
Despite lacking its national carrier, Aruba Island has its main international airport, the Reina Beatrix International Airport that is situated west of the island. This airport is the point of connection between Aruba Island and many destinations in the world like Miami, New York, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Venezuela, Amsterdam, London, Manchester, and Boston. The carriers that operate international flights between these destinations and Aruba Island are American Airlines, AirTran, United Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, Avianca, Aires, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. Alternatively, cruise ships can also be used from nearby islands and states to arrive at the Aruba Island’s ports. 
The forms of accommodation facilities in Aruba Island are beach resorts and hotel rooms. The international hotel accommodation chains like Hilton and Marriott can be found on this island. The accommodation facilities are of high quality and their hospitality services are remarkable.
Arranging for meals is easy in Aruba Island. You will never stop over to enjoy the local dishes and some imported cuisines. Aruba Island has many American-based fast-food joints like the Burger King and Wendy. Otherwise, you can arrange for a special lunch or dinner in the luxurious hotels. There are also several fine restaurants to hook you up along your trips to the tourist sites within the island. Some of the local dishes to find are the baked cheese and the Iguana soup.
Staying in Aruba Island always seems to be fun because of a lot of social activities and facilities that take place all year round. There are many historic sites to discover within the island, its unique natural landscapes, flora and fauna species, the vibrant aquatic environment in the Atlantic Ocean, and much more to enjoy! If you are afraid of swimming in the ocean because of its huge waves, and then try out the Conchi pool, north of the island. This pool rests in natural rock, and its water is straight from the ocean.
The historic sites include Our Lady of Alto Visto Chapel, Boca Catalina, Antilla Shipwreck, and the Guadirkiri caves. The unique natural landmarks on the island are the natural bridges, of course formed by forces of nature. Talking about nature, get to learn how to rear Aloe plants at the Aruba Aloe Factory. Interact with ostriches in the Aruba Ostrich Farm; find out many species of butterflies and birds in the Butterfly Farm and Bubali Bird Sanctuary respectively.
There are several beaches to enjoy the coastal fun of Aruba Island and these include the Bay, San Nicolaas, Eagle, Palm, Surfside, and the Bachelor’s Beaches. Enjoy a wide variety of activities ranging from horseback riding, jeep safari and hiking tours to snorkeling and kayaking.
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