Lebanon is one of the states that has a long history. Roman rulings and other Roman structures have survived within the country for thousands of years. Lebanon has many other attraction sites waiting to be seen. Its hospitality services are remarkable and the local community is friendly to tourists. Lebanon is one of the Middle East countries. It has a lengthy coastline with the Mediterranean Sea. The capital city of Lebanon is Beirut. The city is one of the oldest sites to witness the rich history of Lebanon since it has ruins and many preserved structures from past millenniums. Tourists enjoy many fun activities while on a tour in Syria. They range from sightseeing, interacting with the local flora and fauna species to enjoying memorable moments at the coast of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.
Lebanon’s main international flight gateway is the Beirut International Airport that is located south of Beirut City. Many airlines operate international flights between Lebanon and other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The airlines that include Beirut-Lebanon as one of their destinations are Air Arabia, Egypt Air, Emirates, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Air France, Iran Air, Czech Airlines, BML, Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and the Ethiopian Airlines among many other airlines. People in Syria can opt to board the public bus top arrive at Lebanese major bus stops. In Damascus, taxis are available to take people into Lebanon.
Accommodation in Lebanon is in the form of hotel rooms and apartments. Many international hotels have also set into the market to provide top quality services to the tourists visiting the country. The hotel charges can be affordable as the cheapest charge is $10 per night. The expensive hotels charge over $100 per night. Apartments appear t be more affordable than the hotel rooms. The apartments are adequately furnished and ready for use along with other domestic services for maintaining your stay in the apartments a tourist.
The unique aspects of Lebanon’s food dishes drive tourists to get more of the plates of Lebanese foods to enjoy their delicious tastes. Lebanon is known for its designable vegetarian dishes like the hommos, tabouleh fattoush, and warak anab as well as the meaty dishes like the Lahm mish we barbequed meat. The Arabic cuisines include the sweets that are common especially in the Arabic states. The sweets are common in restaurants and hotels. The culture of fast food is also present in Lebanon with several fast-food chains to feed the public. Wine production is also economic activity in Lebanon, thus wines are one of the common drinks offered in hotels and fine restaurants in Lebanon.
The famous attraction sites to visit in Lebanon include the heritage sites. The old city of Batroun is located at the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Ehden has wonderful landscape scenery and it houses varieties of floras and fauna species within it. Check out the highest point in Lebanon, which is Qornet El-Sawda. If winter catches up with you, there is no need of waiting for summer. You just have to enter into the Mzaar Kfardebiane area and take advantage of its ski slopes for skiing all winter long.
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