The Honduras state is a Caribbean island. It neighbors Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala within the Central American region. The island is a self-governing country, with well-laid infrastructure, and public facilities. Honduras is a top tourist destination receiving a high inflow of tourists from other countries. It has many historic sites like the old Mayan structures, and colorful beaches. The hospitality in the tourism sector is highly remarkable with many-star international hotel chains and beach resorts.

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Travelling into Honduras is easier and faster using air transport. There are three international airports located in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and Roatan. These airports connect Honduras to many destinations throughout the world using the following airlines: Iberia, Copa Air, United Airlines, American Airlines, Spirit, TACA, and Maya Island Air. The destinations that relate to Honduras are Atlanta, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Madrid, and Belize.
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Visitors to Nicaragua from neighboring countries – El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala – can use their private cars or public buses to enter Honduras. From Miami, Florida, Ft Lauderdale, and Tampa in the U.S., there are cruise ships that can transport passengers to the ports of Honduras, which are next to the leisure beach resorts of the country. There are many cruise ships but to name a few: the Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and the Carnival Cruises.
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Planning for an accommodation facility is easy by online browsing of the available facilities. Honduras has a wide range of hotels for its tourists that provide quality hotel rooms, swimming pools, and meal arrangements among other social facilities depending on the hotel selected. Each of the hotels have various designs of their rooms to be able to meet individual accommodation needs of every tourist-customer.
The Honduras cuisine is all natural and unique. Almost every dish consists of plantains and meat mixtures. One good example of the cuisines is the tacos, which is corn tortilla that wraps around meat, and then it is deep-fried to give it a crispy taste. To catch up with the trends in the local, latest music, movies, and vibrant nightlife, then treat you to San Pedro Sula. This place is popular for its social, nightlife facilities and cinemas. Honduras has some locally made and branded beers namely the Barena, Port Royal, Salva, and Imperial beer.
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Tourists in Honduras do enjoy their tours within the country. There are many places to visit, discover, and meet unique living species of this state. The Cusuco National Park, near San Pedro Sula, has a wide range flora and fauna species within it. To experience the Caribbean coastal feel, the visit the Ganja, Hog, Utila, and Roatan Islands. Many water activities including snorkeling take place in these Bay Islands. Copan is a historic site that is necessary to visit. It has an old sculpture and ruins that date back to the Mayan era many centuries ago. Lake Yojoa is a mixture of nature, with exotic species of fish and pristine forests that make the surrounding a fresh and calm place to rest and enjoy a holiday.

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