Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the finest tourist destinations in the Caribbean region. The Puerto Rico republic consists of three regions: the Puerto Rico Island, Culebra, Isla Mona, and Vieques Island. Puerto Rico is a member of the United States of America commonwealth states; hence, visitors visiting this country can enter the country without a passport if they come from a U.S. commonwealth state. Puerto Rico lavishes with beautiful coastline beaches, modern infrastructure, and a wide variety of tourist sites.
Carolina is the major international entrance into Puerto Rico because it is where the main international airport, Luis Munoz Marin, is situated. Flights operating to and from the airport connect Puerto Rico to other destinations such as Charlotte, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Madrid. Airlines that operate the international flights are Cape Air, Liat, and the Caribbean Sun amongst others. In case there is nobody, familiar to get you from the airport, you can take a taxi to drive you to a hotel, which is advisable to be familiar with the routes towards the hotel. However, if you browse for hotels in the nearby city of San Juan, you are likely to find one that offers bus services for tourists from the main airport to its premises so it would be convenient to get o your room once you arrive at the airport.
You can also choose to travel by ferry from nearby Caribbean Islands’ cities such as Santo Domingo and Fajardo. Passports are required for those visitors who are from countries that are not members of the U.S. commonwealth states. For those coming from the U.S. commonwealth states can enter the island without a passport.
San Juan being the capital city of Puerto Rico, there are many advanced hotels including the international chains of hotels like Sheraton, Hilton, and Holiday Inn. There are also rental homes and apartments. The apartments are the most affordable facilities even though they lack forms of luxury. Booking for hotel rooms, rental houses, or rental apartments can be done online to ensure that every tourist has a secure place to spend a night and two or more in Puerto Rico.
Whenever dining in any of Puerto Rico’s food joints, you will find that most of their dishes consist of cereals, veggies, and pork meat. Some of the dishes are generally seafood. Puerto Rico’s food s rarely spicy and there is hardly ant similarity with the Mexican food as anyone would expect on a visit to this island. Pork is the most eaten meat in this island. There are many categories of pork meat offered. They are the crispy chicharrones, the juicy chuletas, roasted Lechon Asado, the morcilla sausage, and the pernil de cerdo. The main food joints in Puerto Rico are in forms of restaurants and fast food joints mostly established by the Americans. They offer food at an affordable price ranging from $10 and above depending on the quality of the dish being offered.
Puerto Rico Island has many attractive sites waiting to be seen by its visitors. This island is covered with beautiful landscapes, coastal regions and beaches, and well-preserved historic sites. The El Yunque and Guanica State forests are suitable to go on nature adventures. San Juan National Historic Site consists of any old structures like the old city wall and the bastions established many centuries ago by the Spanish when they discovered the island amongst other islands of the Caribbean.