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Africa, Fozia

Bissau, Guinea Bissau

As the capital city of Guinea Bissau, Bissau is actually the largest and most affluent city in the country. Direct flights in to the city are readily available especially by the Senegal Airlines which have frequent flights from Dakar to the country.

Fozia, South America

Brasilia, Brazil

With a history dating back in 1960, Brasilia is a well planned city and the capital of Brazil. The city is a home to modernist architecture that let to its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and worldwide architectural designs appear to be represented in Brasilia in one way or the other.

Asia, Fozia

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek is an amazingly large city in Kyrgyzstan republic. As the capital city, the approximate population of the city is about 1 million. Since the city is relatively new, you can expect to find just a few historical sites.

Central America, Fozia, North America

Belmopan, Belize

While every destination is unique to tourists in some way, some of them like Belmopan in Belize have just a handful of attractions and activities that can’t assure a worthwhile visit. However, there are still some visitors that view such shortages of attractions as their pulling factors for travel.

Europe, Fozia

Belgrade, Serbia

The huge city of Belgrade in Serbia serves as the capital city. The Serbian name of Belgrade is translated to mean the ‘white city’ and the city has grown tremendously to become one of the must visit destinations in Europe.

Asia, Fozia

Pyongyang, North Korea

Situated on River Taedong, Pyongyang is the largest city in North Korea and its administrative capital. The city has a population of 2.75 million inhabitants and it is one of the most visited cities in the country.

Europe, Fozia

Malia, Greece

In recent years, it has been a favourite ploy of newspapers and television channels to target so called ‘holiday hotspots’ such as Ibiza, Malia and Kavos and demonize them as nothing more than glorified UK town centers complete with boozed up youngsters making a fool of themselves.

Asia, Fozia

Pune, India

Pune is regarded as the convergence spot of new and old India. Overtime, Pune has established itself as a centre for business and academia. In addition to housing Osho Meditation Resort, the city is also a notable historic and cultural centre.

Europe, Fozia

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is Irish, literary translated to mean ‘the mouth of river Feirste’. Being the second largest and most developed city in Northern Ireland, it is one of the most visited cities in Ireland alongside Dublin.

Asia, Fozia

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is one of the hugest cities on earth. With an approximate population of 2 million people, the city serves as the administrative capital of Lebanon. Since Lebanon is relatively a small country in size, Beirut is regarded as the only city and has been the largest metropolis since the country became independent.

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