Belmopan, Belize

While every destination is unique to tourists in some way, some of them like Belmopan in Belize have just a handful of attractions and activities that can’t assure a worthwhile visit. However, there are still some visitors that view such shortages of attractions as their pulling factors for travel. Belmopan’s popularity in the country came after it was named the country’s capital after Belize City was stripped off of its status as the national capital. For this case, you can understand that Belmopan is still in its growth stages and it is fully to exploit its full tourism potential to become a worthwhile city that requires a visit from a tourist. 
Belmopan’s main advantage results from its strategic location in the country which even resulted in the city being named the capital of the country as it was convenient for the government. The glory came after Belize City was severely damaged by a major hurricane in 1961. As such, being located in the inland, Belmopan is deemed to be much safer not just for the government operations but also for tourists.
As such, as you visit Belmopan, you can rest assured that you are safe from disasters such as hurricanes that have a likelihood of striking a city along the shores. Traveling to Belmopan is quite easy as the city is well served by a good highways system. You can enter Belmopan through either the Western Highway or the Hummingbird Highway. The city is also well connected to Belize City, the former capital of the nation. 
Getting around is also very convenient as you can use a taxi or car. However, since Belmopan is still a small city, you can simply decide to take a walk around the city and get to experience the true beauty of Belmopan. As highlighted here above, still a young city, Belmopan has little to offer in terms of tourism as most of its resources that were well developed in the former capital were damaged by the hurricane. However, the city is still making tremendous improvements and some of the great touristic resources in Belmopan include an art gallery and the relatively popular Artbox. 
The city also offers a great destination for walking around the market plazas and neighborhoods that guarantee even a much greater experience. The crime rate in Belmopan is also known to be considerably low thereby making it a much better destination to discover and explore. Also, Belmopan is a great tourist destination for relaxing and enjoying yourself in a less hectic/ stressful city life.
For shopping, the city is a great destination especially if you are looking for gifts and groceries. One of the best spots to buy gifts in Belmopan is the Angelus Press that sells the Belizean trinkets, books, maps, and flags. Tuesdays and Fridays are market days which bring life to the city. You will find numerous selling booths set up all over by locals selling cheap DVDs, clothes, food, trinkets as well as produce. The market days offers a momentous experience where you get to experience real Belizean culture.