Malia, Greece

In recent years, it has been a favorite ploy of newspapers and television channels to target so-called ‘holiday hotspots’ such as Ibiza, Malia, and Kavos and demonize them as nothing more than glorified UK town centers complete with boozed-up youngsters making a fool of themselves. Whilst there is an element of truth in this, do not get sucked into the belief that there is nothing worthwhile to see or do in one of these hotspots, notably the popular town of Malia in Crete.
If you delve a little deeper you will find plenty to see and do. 
Go on a Safari
That’s right; safaris are not exclusive to Africa. Whilst wild lions and tigers are not native to Crete (thankfully) it is possible to see some fantastic wildlife. OK, admittedly you will not be seeing elephants or any rhinos, but you will see the best of what Crete has to offer, as well as plenty of stunning views and the opportunity to see some of the best beaches and gorges the Mediterranean has to offer. There are numerous routes you can take, with Rethimno, Chania, and Minoan being just a few. 
Visit Malia Ruins 
No, Malia ruins is not the name of the latest super club. It is the site of what was the third-largest palace of the Minoan era and is a must-see for anyone with even a slight interest in history or architecture. The palace was destroyed in 1450BC but thanks to recent excavations it is possible to get a good idea of what this important site looked like in its heyday. It is possible to walk around the excavated ruins of the palace and will certainly be a day in stark contrast to what you may be expecting on a vacation in Crete with your mates. 
Of course, if you are the sort of person who wants a bit of fun on your holiday, then Malia is the place for you. But not everybody wants to spend all day, every day by the beach. If this is you then fear not as there is plenty to see and do away from the beaches – you can always head back to the bars and bright lights after you visit the nearby sights!