Pune, India

Pune is regarded as the convergence spot of new and old India. Overtime, Pune has established itself as a center for business and academia. In addition to housing Osho Meditation Resort, the city is also a notable historic and cultural center. During monsoon, the historical city of Pune was used as the alternative capital center by the British. The old town had palaces built by maharajas due to the cooler climate the city offers.
Even though Pune has suffered through clogged traffic and increased pollution just like most of the cities in India, Pune remains as one of the best places in India to visit. Being an educational center, the large population of students in Pune means that the nightlife is lively and the atmosphere is vibrant. There are also fantastic restaurants in Pune, hill forts and good museums which make the city a highly attractive place. 
Pune enjoys a pleasant climate characterized by winter, monsoon and summer seasons. Even though the official language is Marathi, the city is highly cosmopolitan, and English and Hindi are equally common languages. Being a cultural center, Pune is home to the famous Marathi Fil industry. Also the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is located here which contains highly fascinating Indian crafts and arts. The Darshan Museum shows the unique 3D technologies which show visitors the life story of saints. Besides being a technological museum, it also has a big artwork spectrum which gives tourists even a better reason to be here. 
The Tribal Museum is unique in its way and houses very interesting artifacts. Then there is the Mahatma Phule Museum which has different industrial products, handicraft articles, and agricultural products. The National War Museum in Pune also has a lot of history to learn. The Shaniwar Wada palace was unfortunately destroyed by a huge fire in 1827 even though it remains a great structure worthy of a visit as it symbolizes the culture of Pune people.
The Aga Khan palace is one of the most gracious buildings in the city and contains Italian arches, suites, spacious lawns, and salons. Pune University is the educational symbol in the city and the Italian Gothic-styled building used to be resided by Mumbai Governor and it is among the oldest educational institutions in the country. 
Some of the cultural centers in Pune include the Goethe Institute, Baneshwar, Fortune Art Gallery, Shirgaon, and Shirdi. Pune is also located near beaches which even make the city more attractive. One of these beaches is Diveagar where local foods are also served by vendors. Trekking is also a common activity in Pune and has several wildlife sanctuaries such as Bhimashankar where you can enjoy an amazing and thrilling trekking experience especially for nature lovers.
Pune Heritage Walk is also a significant cultural, historical, and architectural spot. Festivals in the city are also common like the Sawai Gandharva, Ganesh Mahotsav, Osho Festival, and the Pune International Film Festival that attracts some of the most splendid films in the world.