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Fozia, North America

Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Located within the greater Wood River valley, Sun Valley is a mountain resort city in Blaine County in the central part of the state of Idaho United States of America. The region is served by the Friedman Memorial Airport in Halley about 24 kilometers south served by Horizon Air and Sky West Airlines.

Australia and Oceania, Fozia

Kiribati Islands

Kiribati is a national republic composed of thirty –three islands that are atolls in nature. Having many islands blesses the nation with numerous beaches, the beauty of the surrounding lavish blue Pacific Ocean, a splendid marine environment, diverse plant and animal species and many natural features in the islands that are waiting to be seen.

Fozia, Islands, North America


Bordering the famous Caribbean Sea to the right is the Republic of Haiti whose capital city is Port-au-Prince. Haiti covers a land area of twenty-seven thousand, seven hundred and fifty square kilometers while lying at the western part of Hispaniola Island that belongs to the Greater Antilles region.

Fozia, Islands, South America

Guyana, South America

Guyana is a region of varieties of natural water features, plants, wild animals and birds and historical sites waiting to be seen. Many international tourists frequent this region for its fantastic features, some of which cannot be found in all other parts of the east.

Fozia, Islands, South America

Martinique Island

Martinique is a fabulous French Island floating in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and bordering Dominica to the south. Martinique is famous for its splendid natural beauty and historic landmarks that are considered important heritage sites to the world.

Central America, Fozia, Islands, North America

El Salvador

El Salvador is a country that is part of the Central American region, bordering Guatemala to the north and Honduras to the east. El Salvador is a Spanish word meaning Savior. The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador where tourists arrive by air at the Comalapa International Airport and set off to explore the amazing adventures of El Salvador. It is a travel destination that offer everything for everyone.

Australia and Oceania, Fozia, Islands

Cook Island

Cook Islands are a group of fifteen small islands lying almost solely in the south of the Pacific Ocean. The only close island to these islands is New Zealand, which the Cook Islands border to its north east side but quiet a distance crossing the prime meridian line to reach the Cook Islands.

Africa, Fozia, Islands

Comoros Islands

Comoros Islands is one of the beautiful islands gracing the African continental region aside from Madagascar and Zanzibar Island. Comoros Islands are at the western side of the Indian Ocean, approximately between the Madagascar Island and the Mozambique country that is within the African continent.

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