Martinique Island

Martinique is a fabulous French Island floating in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and bordering Dominica to the south. Martinique is famous for its splendid natural beauty and historic landmarks that are considered important heritage sites in the world. With a capital city at Fort-de France, Martinique is a modernized island with advanced infrastructural facilities, available amenities, and transportation. Martinique adores its tourism sector hence catering its tourists with its best special ways to ensure that its visitors maximally gain the best from their visit to this island.
Archaeologists and oral history claim that Martinique Island had been inhabited by a native Indian community known as the Arawaks. This community had established villages within the island. They relied on farming activities as their many sources of living. These people were also art lovers because they use to sketch pictures and writings on rock and had involved themselves in pottery-making, whose artifacts can still be seen today in the museums within the island.
After Christopher Columbus, a famous explorer discovered the island and its inhabitants, France grabbed the island and claimed it to be its colony in 1635. However, France gave up the colony to West Indies twenty-nine years later. Slave trade was common in this island with many Africans being transported into the island to work as slaves, but the trade was abolished in the nineteenth century on the island. In 1946, Martinique island was annexed back to France and it is one of the territories of France currently.
Martinique has beautiful features awaiting to be explored by its visitors. Its white sandy beaches are the major attraction sites during the summer. The natural vegetation at the coast consists of high palm trees and trees with bright flowers that work together with the white sands and the green-blue Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to make a paradise scene off the coast that satisfies the soul of anyone who gets into them. 
The Jardin De Balata Park showcases a wide range of beautiful, indigenous plants nurtured in the park. Pelee Mountain is a huge landmark that stands as the highest on the island thus raising the significance of the island. Other features are the thick forests on the island, great rivers, and applauding waterfalls that speak the real language of Mother Nature.
Touring Martinique is fun, especially that it is a legendary island with lots to see and experience on the island. There are guided tours to take visitors around the island, meet the historical sights, and find beautiful flora and fauna species. The beaches are vibrant and tourists love to swim in the Caribbean Sea because of its amazingly clear waters. 
Snorkeling activities also take place at the coastal marinas to take a glimpse of the colorful unique, marine environment of the area. Other activities are kayaking in the sea, diving, and swimming, canoeing, skiing in the sea, sailing, and surfing among other optional activities. The beaches also have amazing clubs where people party all night long. Carnival festivals are normally held regularly to elect the Carnival Queens.
Martinique is a wonderful place to spend days in its accommodation facilities. There are exceptional villas like the royalist Le Diamant and the lovely complex Sainte Luce House, with gorgeous swimming pools. There are cottages elsewhere in Martinique and most of the exotic ones are already pictured in their respective websites where any international and local visitor can book a room, villa, cottage, or apartment to ensure that they are ready to be served to them as they start touring Martinique’s attractive sites.