Kiribati Islands

Kiribati is a national republic composed of thirty –three islands that are atolls in nature. Having many islands blesses the nation with numerous beaches, the beauty of the surrounding lavish blue Pacific Ocean, a splendid marine environment, diverse plant and animal species, and many natural features in the islands that are waiting to be seen. Kiribati is a peaceful, secure nation with very rare incidences of public unrest and this is the reason for many tourists visiting Kiribati Islands every year to enjoy their holidays. 
Kiribati is one of the globally famous tourist destination receiving thousands of international tourists who come to witness its beauty and experience the joy of living in the arena of the islands. Kiribati is the native language translation of the English title the Gilbert Islands that was instilled in the islands when it was a colony of Great Britain
At independence in 1979, Gilbert Islands were renamed Kiribati by its citizens to retain the native culture of the community despite the interference of the European culture. Kiribati people are natives known as I-Kiribati who speak the Gilbertese language, however, the English language is sometimes used as an official language. I-Kiribati community is a Micronesian group resulting from the intermarriages among the Fijians, Samoans, and Tongans who arrived at the islands in the fourteenth century.
Kiribati has a beautiful display of islands and natural beauty within them. The Gilbert Islands comprises three groups of islands: the Gilbert Islands, the Phoenix Islands, and the Line Islands. Famous Christmas Island is also known as Kiritimati Island is one of the Line group of Islands. The beautiful blue, turquoise, Pacific Ocean provides the excellent coastal feel and manicures the beaches with its crystalline, motion sounds, and lovely appearance. 
There are many long-stretched white sand beaches to enjoy various water sports such as surfing along the big waves of the Pacific. Thousands of species of sea birds can be found in the islands especially on Christmas Island. Snorkel within the Pacific Ocean to get a glimpse of the magnificent marine environment with red crabs and different fish species and marine plants thriving in the ocean. 
Many naturally-growing plants such as the high coconut palm trees, the pandanus and breadfruit manicure the coastal serene. The surrounding coral reefs are also an amazing sight. As a member of the International Surfing Association, Kiribati is a perfect destination to exercise the ultimate surfing experience in the Pacific Ocean. The surrounding ocean provides waves that enable surf fans to enjoy surfing in the throughout. There are also many other activities to participate like snorkeling and scuba diving are two favorite tourist activities because of the great variety of marine life, fishing, canoe racing at South Tarawa lagoon.
The beaches have several beach resorts and apartments to house tourists who spend many days in the islands. There are traditional cuisine and modern cuisine in exotic restaurants, resorts, and hotels to meet your dinner, breakfast, and lunch preferences. The hospitality is highly rated and the accommodation facilities are world-class.