Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Located within the greater Wood River Valley, Sun Valley is a mountain resort city in Blaine County in the central part of the state of Idaho United States of America. The region is served by the Friedman Memorial Airport in Halley about 24 kilometers south served by Horizon Air and Sky West Airlines. There charter bus service to Sun Valley from the Idaho gateway cities of Boise, Twin Falls, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. Tourists from around the world flock the Sun Valley to enjoy its skiing, hiking, ice skating, trail riding, tennis, and cycling. 
The unique landscape of the Sun Valley is ideal for scenic driving. The Sawtooth Scenic Byway, one of Idaho’s most renowned scenic drives, runs directly through Sun Valley and links Shoshone Falls up to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. If you love nature photography, then scenic drive around Sun Valley is a must-do activity. 
The best hiking trail is found in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area which also harbors some enchanting scenery in the Idaho state. The eroded ground with little valleys and hills create a moon-like landscape that is so alluring for a hiker. The neighboring cities of Bellevue, Halley, and Ketchum all have city parks and recreation facilities. 
Sun valleys offer the best outdoor experience in the entire Idaho state. You could take a self-guided nature trail through Silver Creek Preserve and marvel at the beauty of the landscapes, explore Shoshone Ice Caves and then relax in hot springs.
Even before it was a dream envisioned by Averill Harriman in 1936, Sun Valley and the surrounding area had an interesting history. The area boasts of many museums and exhibits chronicling the early days of the region. 
The Sawtooth Wilderness lies between two rugged mountain ranges, the White Cloud Mountain and part of the Boulder Mountains. The Wilderness is noted for there are no motorized vehicles, no motors of any kind; no logging, no buildings, and absolutely no roads are allowed in the area. 
Rives and lakes in and around Sun Valley offer a unique opportunity for hiking boat ride and sport fishing. In this mountainous landscape rafting or boating on this water, the surface offers a unique opportunity to see lulu of Sun Valley never seen before. 

If you long to witness or to be part of World Class Ice Skating Performances, then the Sun Valley Ice Rink is the place to be. This is usually on Saturday nights during the summer. Tickets can include a delicious buffet dinner or just for the show.

Idaho is a renowned sport fishing destination. Point to consider on a fishing trip includes Big Lost, Little Wood, Copper Basin, Silver Creek, Big Wood, and the headwaters of the Salmon. 

River salmon is the major river for rafting and along the river their area number of river rafting companies that offer 1 to 5-day trips on the Salmon River. 
The main skiing facility named Baldy’s 13 chairlifts, including high-speed quads, has a capacity of over 23,000 skiers per hour.