Guatemala – The dreamscape island

The dreamscape island of Guatemala Is among the best travel destinations in Central America. This beautiful paradise is rich with a luxurious magnificent nature, with very crowded sandy beaches, rich aboriginal culture, alluring historic spots, and an overabundance of attractive sightseeing opportunities. Guatemala is a country in Central America. This destination is lying between the Gulf of Honduras and the Pacific Ocean. Neighbor countries that Guatemala is bordering with, are Belize, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador. It is a beautiful country where there are 34 volcanoes, numerous valleys, and broad basins. Tourist Attractions in Guatemala 
There are so many fabulous things to be seen in Guatemala. Some of the most interesting attractions are the Mayan ruins. It is a historical marker that has left to show about the life of the Mayans, and this tourist place is visited by the huge number of tourists every year. There are so many other attractions in Guatemala. The 34 volcanoes are very popular, the gorgeous highlands and landscapes make this country a real tourist destination. This is not all. Among other things, there are many churches, unique museums, blossoming jungles, and many other attractions that make Guatemala a perfect destination. 
Beaches in Guatemala 
Sandy’s golden beaches are what make Guatemala such a great place to visit. Beaches in Guatemala are some of the best in Central America with so many visitors during the year. People here are looking for a perfect escape from the urban cities, and they are coming to the right place. Guatemala offers a real vacation paradise. Beaches are surrounded by multiple scenic places, where you have the opportunity to rent a villa next to the sea and enjoy your perfect getaway. Some of the most popular places there are Bay of Santo Tomas and End of Palm.
Santo Tomás Bay
Here you will find all kinds of attractions. Whether you like to sail, go fishing or just swim, this is the best place to go. This Caribbean paradise is perfect for observing birds and animals and if you like good photography, this is an ideal place to bring your camera. Some of the best attractions in Santo Tomas Bay are the Poza Azul Lagoon, the Escobar River, famous by its refreshing water, and the not so developed beach Tulate which is a place of gleaming natural beauty.
Punta de Palma
Punta de Palma is a stunning beach that has access coming from Puerto Barrios. This perfect place is not too far from civilization, but it offers great discretion. The beach is not crowded like the others in the biggest part of the year, but in the highest tourist season, you will see many young people there, lots of teenagers, which makes it very popular at night where the nightlife is at its best.
Atitlán Lake
According to the well-known novelist Huxley Aldous, this is the most beautiful lake in the world. It is the most important landmark in Solola and the most famous in the country. The lake is created naturally from the volcanoes that are surrounding it. There are so many attractions around the lake. Water sports are very attractive in the lake. You can go fishing, kayak, water ski, aquatic skiing, and many other things. The best of all is the landscape around the lake. There are mountains, riverside towns, magnificent volcanoes, etc.
Izabal Lake
Izabal Lake is the largest one in Guatemala, and this lake is surrounded by very attractive beaches. The most beautiful thing about this lake is the nature and the panorama that this place offers. The best beaches around the lake are Marcos and El Estor. If you are near Izabal Lake, don’t miss this perfect getaway attraction. You won’t be sorry.
National Park Tikal
There are so many themed parks in Guatemala. They are all clean and attractive for visitors from around the world that are looking for natural beauty and calm places. One of the most popular parks in the country is the Tikal National park. The word Tikal means “place of voices”. This park is famous for being the largest city of the Mayans that has ever been examined. That is the main reason why it is protected by UNESCO since 1979. Inside the park that is extended on over 550 km squared, you will find very mysterious temples and plazas that will leave you wordless.