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Walking Tours Around the World

Walking tours, as the name suggests, is a kind of tour where the participants explore the sights by foot. Walking tours are usually facilitated by tour guides, and could be focused on introducing the region’s top tourist attractions or hiking popular open spaces and natural landmarks.

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Where You Should Spend This Year’s Halloween ?

Halloween Snowmass Village, Colorado

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events in the US. It is the time of the year when kids and adults alike wear their best costumes, may it be a scary headless man or a dashing superhero. Kids are overwhelmed with the treats they receive from one house to the next, while the grown-ups indulge in music, food and drinks alongside the Halloween concert staged in every corner.

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Top 5 Water Parks in the World

Water parks are the attractions that everybody loves. If you would like to know what are the best five water parks in world, follow our choice and if you enjoy water amusement parks, feel free to visit some of them.

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5 Countries With Most Beautiful Women

What makes the women of Brazil different is the diverse culture they own. When it comes to physical appearance, most Brazilian women are fit and slender because they see the importance of eating healthy, exercising regularly and engaging to physical activities.

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World’s Top Underground Tourist Attractions

For tourists who can manage the dark and mysterious side of France, the catacombs of Paris must be the place to be. The Paris Catacombs contains almost 6 million bodies whose skulls and bones were transferred in the city’s underground when the cemeteries of Paris became full and overloaded.

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Despite its modernity and urbanity, Italy continues to hold-on to its cultural gems and traditional treasures which make this country even more interesting. Further, its remarkable natural scenery remains intact up to this day which allows Italy to be the best place for appreciating the wealth of nature.

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