World’s Top Underground Tourist Attractions

The Paris Catacombs (Paris, France)
For tourists who can manage the dark and mysterious side of France, the catacombs of Paris must be the place to be. The Paris Catacombs contains almost 6 million bodies whose skulls and bones were transferred in the city’s underground when the cemeteries of Paris became full and overloaded. From walls to ceilings of The Paris Catacombs, skulls and bones are attached which solicit a hair-raising experience. Found on the south of Paris former city gate, the catacombs became a small-scale tourist attraction during the 19th century and slowly rose its way as one of Paris’ relevant historical sites.
Seattle Underground (Washington, USA)
One of the main attractions of Washington is the Seattle Underground which holds historical importance and ancient architecture. The downtown city was destroyed by a huge fire during the 19th century and Bill Speidel, a local of Seattle, turned the underground site into a major tourist destination in 1965. Walking along the Seattle Underground brings out a nostalgic feel most especially that the underground city effectively preserved old tools, equipment and other items that display how the lifestyle of the early people of Seattle was. The old soul breathed by Seattle Underground perfectly blends with the cafes, shops and other tourist facilities that are housed underneath Seattle’s city.
Basilica Cistern (Istanbul, Turkey)
Located in the underground of the largest city of Istanbul, Basilica Cistern is known as the country’s sunken palace. The underground tourist destination first served as a water supply to the Byzantine Palace. Constructed in the year 532, Basilica Cistern truly reflects the city’s oldest architecture. But what really makes Basilica Cistern a famous attraction is its interior comprising of 332 columns and its numerous illuminating pillars. The basilica has a stunning appeal which makes it a must-see destination when going to Istanbul.
Wieliczka Salt Mine (Krakow, Poland)
Located in the southern part of Poland, this mine produced salt from the 13th century up to 2007. Regarded as one of the world’s oldest salt mine, it now exists as the country’s top tourist attraction. What makes the underground destination world-class are the structures that are carved out of rock salt, such as the majestic cathedral situated within the mine’s premises. Other attractions include numerous statues and three chapels. Listed in the National Heritage Board of Poland, Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the country’s most important historic monuments.
Dambulla Cave Temple (Dambulla, Sri Lanka)
Sri Lanka is proud of its cave temple found near the major city Anuradhapura. Called Dambulla Cave Temple, the famous tourist spot was built during the 77BC. This famous tourist spot is home to ancient art and paintings where its bright colors and intricate workmanship revealed the country’s relevant past. Unarguably, the massive 45-feet sleeping Buddha among other Buddha sculptures. The incredible works that involves the rock formations found inside the cave, as well as the collections of sculptures, statues, carvings, paintings and other important elements make Dambulla Cave Temple one of the world’s top underground tourist attractions.