Top Destinations for Jewelry Finds

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but their price is certainly not a best friend to the special man in the gal’s life. Anyone looking for precious gems at great prices can find them if they are willing to travel a bit, though. Read on to find out great places to find diamonds, pearls, and more! If you’re looking for diamonds, you need to check out Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.
It’s the world’s only diamond-producing site that lets visitors enter to tour around, making it a true “gem.” A 37-acre field is all yours for exploring in hopes of finding white, brown, and yellow diamonds. Over forty rocks and minerals can also found in the park. Amethyst, jasper, peridot, quartz, garnet, and calcite are just a few of the rocks and minerals that jewelry enthusiasts commonly find. Another feature that makes Crater of Diamonds stand out is their “finders-keepers” policy, which allows visitors to keep any, and every, gem that they find, no matter the value!
The Coloma Valley, in California, is where James Marshall first found gold in 1848. While he never struck it rich during the gold rush years, there’s said to still be as much as 70 percent of the original amount of gold that has yet to be mined. Mining continues in northern California, and shops selling gold are abundant. Since it comes from local mines, the prices are affordable for jewelers and ordinary folks looking for a new piece to add to their collection.
Tucson, Arizona is home to many amazing shops carrying authentic silver and turquoise jewelry and accessories. For over 130 years, numerous Native American tribes throughout the Southwestern United States have been mining and creating beautiful, hand-crafted items as their trade. Experience the beautiful sights and pick up some amazing bling for you or a friend at one of the many small, family-owned and operated stores.
Pearls can be found all over the world, but one place where they can be found at an exceptionally good price is in Beijing, China. The Hong Qiao Pearl Market has dozens of vendors selling all sorts of jewelry including bulk pearls on strands, custom made pearl necklaces, and already-made pearl earrings. The best part is that almost all prices are negotiable, it just takes a little effort and willingness to walk away if they won’t come down to a reasonable price. Most shopkeepers speak English to varying degrees; so being fluent in Mandarin isn’t necessary. While the prices are great, there is always the possibility that vendors are selling fake goods, so be sure that you know how to test the goods to make sure that you’re getting the real thing.
Jewelers who are planning on visiting one or more of these unique places will most likely end up with way too many goods for the single carry-on that the airlines allow. Be sure to get some shipping quotes before purchasing your gems so that you can get them safely home without the hassle of taking them through airport security or being lost if you were to put them as checked luggage. Alternatively, if you’re just out on a long vacation and don’t want to risk your valuables being stolen, you can ship them to a trusted friend or family member back home so that you can enjoy the remainder of your trip worry-free. It sounds excessive, but it’s a normal practice.