Top 5 Rooftop Pools in the World

Rooftop pool is something that everyone has to love. The beautiful view that it probably have, the high altitude and great company may bring you a great joy. Here is a list of some of the greatest rooftop pools ever.
Ubud Hotel (Payangan, Bali): What makes the rooftop infinity pool of this famous hotel in Payangan Bali is definitely the picturesque natural scenery that envelopes it. The tranquility in its surrounds is courtesy of River Valley in Bali’s foothills where the infinity pool floats. The rooftop’s pool is just an icing on the cake, as the best part of all is the soothing tropical greenery that serves as its enchanting backdrop. The rooftop of Ubud Hotel is the best spot for celebrating the beauty and wonders of nature.
Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool (Bayfront Avenue, Singapore): Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is not just one of the world’s most awesome hotels, its rooftop pool is an absolute stand-out as well. With a massive size of 150-meter in length, the rooftop pool can equate to three Olympic-size pools, and the 5-star hotel fearlessly claims it has the world’s largest infinity pool. Apart from the thrill and excitement the rooftop pool brings, a stay in its premises also grants calming moments to soothe the senses. What makes this rooftop pool a winner? What else but the sight of Singapore’s stunning cityscape!
Hotel Fasano (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): The posh Hotel Fasano strung out in the heart of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. What makes the 5-star Hotel Fasano endearing is its rooftop hotel which is ranked as one of the best rooftop pools in the world. Philippe Starck is responsible for making the hotel’s rooftop pool breath-taking, and partnered with a jaw-dropping natural scenery, relaxing in its premises is no doubt one of life’s most rewarding moments. Apart from all these, guests of Hotel Fasano’s rooftop pool enjoy exclusive luxurious amenities such as spa and massage, a high-end bar, and the astonishing views of Ipanema’s most beautiful beaches.
SHA Wellness Clinic (Alicante, Spain): Interestingly, one of the world’s most beautiful rooftop pools is found in a medical hotel and wellness center. Sitting along Albir Beach, SHA Wellness Clinic has majestic waterfalls and many relaxation areas, one of which is its rooftop pool. The soothing and calming ambiance of the rooftop pool is perfected by the sight of the mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Users of SHA’s rooftop pool enjoy the astonishing sight of Sierra Helada Natural Park, one of Spain’s foremost bird sanctuary and nature reserve. With an impeccable climate that runs all year long, just staying on SHA’s rooftop pool can grant unforgettable experiences in one’s lifetime.
Highbar of Dream South Beach Hotel (Miami Beach, Florida): Tagged as a reincarnated Studio 54 in New York, Dream South Beach Hotel’s Highbar is a pool-bar that has the perfect contrast of 70’s vibe and modern-day elements. The prominent glass tiles vividly exude a vintage feel, yet the all-white attributes instantly gives a realization of modernity and new-world atmosphere. The pool may not be that big, but it is very ideal for intimate gatherings and exclusive happenings. At night, the rooftop pool beams with blue and purple night lights which add to Highbar’s enticing features.