Top 5 City Breaks for the Next Decade

San Sebastian (Spain): Barcelona must be the most famous destination for city breaks, but for the next decade, San Sebastian has got to be it. What makes San Sebastian endearing is the big concentration of dining places rated with Michelin stars. Apart from being the mecca of fine and gorgeous-looking food, the outskirts and coastal sides of San Sebastian have the best local cuisine, truly a must when in this region. Being in San Sebastian means being relaxed, calmed and soothed, and with a stunning view enveloping the island, the city break becomes extraordinary and certainly memorable.
Reykjavik (Iceland): Iceland’s capital may not be that popular when it comes to city breaks, but in the coming decade, it will certainly be on the top of the list. Reykjavik’s mountainous surrounds is a feature that is definitely irresistible. Whale-watching and fresh seafood samplings are only two of the many activities that can be carried-out here. There are geothermal pools in every corner, nature parks such as the Thingvellir National Park, majestic attractions like the Blue Lagoon, and so much more. The people are warm and friendly, and the cuisine, both local and international, is truly impressive.
Marrakech (Morocco): One of the most interesting locations in Morocco is Marrakech, a destination that has been making waves in the tourism department. It is slowly making its way to the list of the best places to be, and in the coming decade, it can be on the top list of the best city breaks. Marrakech has a character that is perfect for people longing for a soulful and exotic getaway. With the Atlas Mountains as its backdrop and the desert as its surrounds, Marrakesh has the best setting of all. Here, first-time experiences happen, such as belly-dancing, camel riding, souk shopping, and everything else that is above the ordinary.
New York (USA): New York has always been in the list of the top city breaks. With so much to do, see and experience in the vibrant city of New York, it is quite impossible to oust it in the list of the best city breaks. The city is packed with features that tourists will never get tired of experiencing over and over again, such as the mesmerizing bright lights of the Times Square, the serenity and beauty of the Central Park, the musical and theater shows in Broadway,- endless shopping in 5th Avenue, and so much more in between.


Bali (Indonesia): If the purpose of the city break is to achieve utmost relaxation and calmness, the famous Bali in Indonesia has got to be it. This popular Asian destination is flocked by tourists who crave for total serenity and tranquility, and there is no other place as popular as Bali when it comes to such purpose. It is not called “Island of the Gods” for nothing, and with its rugged coastlines, world-class beaches and lush and rich landscape, Bali certainly does not disappoint. Also endearing to tourists are its rich culture, interesting local cuisine and archaeological attractions.
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