5 Countries With Most Beautiful Women

Brazil: What makes the women of Brazil different is the diverse culture they own. When it comes to physical appearance, most Brazilian women are fit and slender because they see the importance of eating healthy, exercising regularly and engaging to physical activities. Their welcoming and friendly attitude is the reason why they never get tired of sharing their warm and lovely smiles to everyone. If you are going to Brazil, make sure that apart from the country’s tourist destinations, you also take time to appreciate the overall beauty of its locals.
Venezuela: One of Venezuela’s biggest obsessions is beauty, no wonder the country has produced numerous beauty queens from prestigious and world-wide beauty pageants. One of the biggest local industries in Venezuela is closely related to beauty, such as industries for beauty products, beauty enhancements, and salons. Over the years, the women of Venezuela are the greatest source of the country’s pride and joy.
India: Indian women are known for their deep, round eyes and healthy, brown skin. The features of Indian women are very distinct and you can easily tell if the beautiful woman you are faced with is a local of India. Probably it’s the weather in India that makes their sun-kissed skin glowing, or their fondness of spices in their foods. Indian women do not just have pretty faces, they know how to take care of the figures of their bodies as well, and that is why they naturally move with grace, elegance and sophistication.
Spain: Spanish ladies belong to the list of the most beautiful women around the globe for all the right reasons. Their physical appearance is very inviting, starting from their thick, flowy hair down to their slender and shapely legs. Spanish women are all out in saying that what really makes them beautiful is the country they live in. Spain has the perfect weather that probably contributes to the glow of their skin, and the freshest produce that allows them to consume fresh, healthy food that translates to slender and fit body. Their friendly and welcoming smiles top the reasons why Spanish women are charming and alluring.
Latvia: Latvian women are regarded among the world’s prettiest faces. With smooth blonde hair, big blue eyes and radiant glowing skin, Latvia is surely proud to be a home of attractive and stunning women. Most of Latvian women have slender and fit body because they love engaging to physical activities, eating healthy food, and basically living a healthy lifestyle. Due to their ideal physique, Latvian women carry themselves very well as they know what dress to wear to impress the people around them.
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