North America

Fozia, North America

Boston, USA

Boston is a city in the state of Massachusetts. The city was re groomed and landscaped not so long ago, which additionally gave the city a new look that is modern and stunning, but it also kept parts of the vibrant past to remind of the history.

Fozia, Islands, North America


The Bahamas became completely independent in 1973 and since then, this member of the Commonwealth of Nation has kept its economy growing with tourism and international banking. The islands have a total area of 13 940 square kilometers and a population of 303 770 inhabitants.

Fozia, North America

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a city located in Quintana Roo sate of Mexico. Its position at the Yucantan Peninsula that extends into the Gulf of Mexico enables it to enjoy an oceanic climate and have many white sand beaches that are suitable to tourist.

Fozia, North America

Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico

Acapulco is the best resort on the Pacific side of Mexico, a place that used to be a famous port and a starting point of many ships exploring the South Seas . Today, this is by far the most attractive tourist destination in Mexico and Latin America which is crowned with the title ”Pearl of the Pacific”. And this is not exaggerating.

Fozia, Islands, North America

Barbados Island

Barbados is one of the most diverse and active destinations, offering more attractions per square mile than any other Caribbean island. Barbados is the most eastern island in the Caribbean, it is a place where refined luxury and exceptional culinary delights dance and mingle among lush tropical greenery, limpid of crystal clear turquoise waters and warm golden sunlight.

Fozia, North America

Bermuda Island

Bermuda is a state island lying lonely in the Atlantic Ocean, east of North Carolina State of USA. Bermuda is a place of lots of wonders waiting to be seen. It has several historic sites, beautiful natural parks and extensive white sand beaches.

Fozia, North America

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is a truly amazing destination to adventure its beautiful sightings, ever sunny weather to rock your free spirit, many wide beach points to enjoy leisure activities near the Pacific, and explore the history and preserved the Hawaiian culture of the people.

Fozia, North America

Los Angeles, California

Touring Los Angeles is an amazing adventure for first-time visitors in this second largest city in the United States of America. Los Angeles has well established infrastructural facilities, abundant transport, many educational facilities, scientific and technological facilities, fashion industries and the biggest base of global entertainment, Hollywood.

Fozia, North America

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the world’s largest entertainment center, popular for its adult range entertainment activities, film production and having a high number of casinos and stylistic hotels ready to cater for any visitor willing to dwell in this bubbling city.

Central America, Fozia, North America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a coast based country that is considered one of the top attractive tourist attractions. It is rich in every constituent of the ideal make up of a real vacation, from the extensive geographical make-up, cultural diversities to the varieties of life species in the country.

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