Not more than 50 kilometers of the coast of Florida there is an archipelago consisting of 2000 small islands and cays. Only 700 out of the 2 000 are actual islands and the others, so-called cays, are formed upon coral reefs. The water is so clear that you can see the depth of the amazing 200 meters. These islands are real natural wonders and they are familiar to all of us- the Bahamas, or as their official name is The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
The Bahamas became completely independent in 1973 and since then, this member of the Commonwealth of Nation has kept its economy growing with tourism and international banking. The islands have a total area of 13 940 square kilometers and a population of 303 770 inhabitants. The climate is tropical marine with a hurricane season running between June and November.
The capital is Nassau and it is located on the island of New Providence. The official languages are English and Creole. People are very religious, but this does not mean that the locals are judgmental towards the liberal behavior of the visitors.
The most popular islands for tourists are: New Providence, Grand Bahama with national parks, gardens and untouched eco-system; Abaco, the largest island; San Salvador- the island were Christopher Columbus first set his foot back in 1942 when he discovered America and few other inhabited islands including Cat Island, Exuma, Mayaguaba, etc.
The Bahamas are the tourist destination of your dreams. They are all that one could wish for and even more. The beaches are the ultimate attraction. The water is colored in thousands of nuances of blue that shade in a continuous tone. You can snorkel, free-dive, and see the wrecked ships on the bottom of the ocean, do water sports, go on boat tours, swim the dolphins, or observe the colorful fish. The fun does not stop here. If you are the adventurous type, you will enjoy close encounters with wild horses and flamingos.
Get a taste of the culture via the traditional music and dance or visit some points of culture like The Pompey Museum. Few festivals take place here, but by far the most popular on is the Junkanoo. It starts on 26 December and it lasts until the 1st of January. During the parades streets are full of people dressed in traditional multi-colored clothes performing national dances like Calypso and Soca. Do not forget to grab a bite from the traditional cuisine. Seafood is really popular here, as expected, so stop by some nice restaurant and taste some of the national dishes. See if your vacation can get even better and try to win prizes in casinos.
Every single one of us has desired a holiday in pure serenity Bahamas are tempting, heavenly, almost too beautiful to be real. This destination has always been and it will certainly continue to be a trend among tourists. It is time to make your dreams come true! Grab the first opportunity and see where heaven on earth is hidden. This is the place of your perfect vacation.
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