Beijing, China

Beijing is one of those wonderful cities that manage to combine the historic with the modern, and pull off both with aplomb. Beijing, the capital city of China is located in the northern part of the North China Plain and its terrain is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The billions of dollars worth of renovations that resulted from being awarded the 2008 Olympics Games have transformed what some felt was a dowdy backwater of a city into a modern metropolis any country would be proud of. A vast and symmetrical metropolis, Beijing is the orderly seat of the communist political power in China, where today China’s economy now the world’s second-largest, continues to grow at an incredible rate.
Beijing is one of the greatest cities in Asia if you are looking for a place where you can visit and explore various historical attractions, incredible cultural buildings and monuments, and many other things that describe the long Chinese history and their cultural heritage. One of the most interesting things in the old part of Beijing is the hutong alleyways, a village in the city. You can walk or rent a bike to explore them, it will give you an unforgettable experience.
Contained within many alleys are historic courtyard homes, often hidden behind large, red wooden doorways, where many of them have now been split into smaller, less uniformed dwellings, adding to the ramshackle charm of the alleys. On your challenge Beijing offers you to explore some other attractions of China’s capital city including the Forbidden City built in the 15th century is an impressive complex of courtyards, halls, pavilions, and gardens, which was home to 24 emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Temple of Heaven Park south of Tiananmen Square, is Beijing’s largest imperial park and a wonderful place to spend a sunny morning. Beijing is also the country’s most convenient launchpad for trips to China’s most famous sight of all- the Great Wall. Beijing is the most visited city in the world with several 4.4 million international visitors in a year.
But Beijing has a big problem with the illegal tour guides, they will convince you to book in some of their fake tourist agencies which are interested just to take your money. By offering cheapest and false deals, they will take you on places they don’t know the history or culture of those places or items. Among those who are posing as tour guides most are women and there are a big number of those unprofessional tourist agencies. Foreigners that want to visit Beijing have to pay more attention to which agencies they are booking, they have to involve a huge effort to find a trusted agency that works under the rules and regulations.
If you are looking for a journey filled with experiences and excitements, let your next tourist destination to be Beijing. The majestic Great Wall, emperor’s palaces, cultural immersion, adventurous hiking, cycling, whether traveling with friends, family or your loved one, whether coming for the first time as a regular tourist, you will have an authentic and unforgettable Beijing travel, the perfect trip and experience that guaranteed to last a lifetime. When you are in China first thing that you have to visit is The Great Wall, then The Forbidden City, a Panda and the Terracotta Warriors, and at the end like a cherry on the cake you have to visit the Beijing Zoo and see their fluffy pandas. And there is a simple rule to not leave this beautiful and eccentric city without buying a T-shirt: ‘I survived the Great Wall