Ocho Rios, Jamaica

In the world of Jamaica lies a famous tourist attraction known as Ocho Rios. This coastal town attracts millions of visitors due to its unending natural beauty. The town is in the northern part of Jamaica in Saint Ann’s Parish. There are many ways of getting there: visitors can book a flight from airports in Montego Bay or Kingston to reach the place in a couple of minutes. Alternatively, a taxi can be used from Kingston or Port Antonio, to drive tourists to Port Maria, then another taxi from Port Maria to the final destination, Ocho Rios. 
There are many attraction sites in Ocho Rios, comprising of both the natural and historical sites. They include:
   Marthe Brae River is a large river in Ocho Rios that is navigable so cruises take place along the river. It has a tumbling section where river rafting is enjoyed. Meet and shake hands with a dolphin in the Dolphin Cove. Other marine animals can be found like the sharks on a separate huge aquarium. Dunn’s River is one of the largest rivers in Jamaica and constitutes a mighty waterfall that also draws attraction from tourists. The Dunn’s waterfall is a thousand feet high from the ground where it pours its river water.
As one of the famous historic sites and one of the important heritage sites in the world, thanks to Christopher Columbus, the explorer, that Columbus Park has earned visits from tourists. The Columbus Park at Discovery Bay is the first place where Christopher Columbus stepped into when he reached the now so-called Jamaica region in the fifteenth century. Much of the history concerning this poplar historic explorer in the region can be explained at the park.
The Coyaba River Garden impresses with its colorful flowers and beautiful trees that manicure the garden. Within the garden is a museum of historic facts and some artistic ventures committed by local talented artists. Cranbrook Flower Forest is an alternative for the Coyaba River Garden, only that it lacks a museum. This forest ever blossoms with wild colorful flowers and beautiful water pools.
The Green Grotto Caves are also a natural impressive sight to be witnessed. These caves are made of limestone that is covered by algae. Discover the taste of Jamaica’s artwork in the Harmony Hall where all kinds of local artistry are displayed top impress visitors in Jamaica. Near Main Street is a white sand beach called Turtle Beach. It is a nice sunny place to enjoy all the beach activities close to the clean green-blue sea.
Activities to enjoy in Ocho Rios are horse riding, golf, scuba diving at the sea marinas, fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing, and sight-seeing the natural beauty in Ocho Rios. If you are lucky to arrive in time for the Dunn’s River Festival, it would be a plus.
Ocho Rios has many options for accommodating its tourists. There are beach resorts and world-class hotels that offer special dining service with the richly delicious Jamaican cuisine among the other international dishes. Spa treatments are widely available in some of the hotels such as in the Shaw Park Beach Hotel and Spa Center.