Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a coast-based country that is considered one of the top attractive tourist attractions. It is rich in every constituent of the ideal makeup of a real vacation, from the extensive geographical make-up, cultural diversities to the varieties of living species in the country. Costa Rica receives a high number of visits of international tourists ready to explore and experience the adventure and fun in this beautiful country. Costa Rica has never stood up to any kind of instability that destroys the peace of the country since the mid-twentieth century. This is the reason for tourists feeling free and safe to settle and visit Costa Rica at any time or day of the year.
Costa Rica lies at the center of the North American continent and the South American continent. Its eastern coastline borders the Caribbean Sea and its western coastal line borders the Pacific Ocean. Its region acts as the boundary between the two continents. Costa Rica’s largest city is San Jose, which is also its capital city.
Costa Rica was a home of some indigenous groups of people. These native communities were the Bribri and Borica groups. The population of Costa Rica now consists of majorly the white-Mestizo race, the Africans, and minorities of other foreigners living in the country. Spanish is the official language. The natives speak both the Mekatelyu and Bribri languages.
Costa Rica’s natural features are stunning and they instill the welcoming passion of the kindness of Mother Nature. There are a couple of rain forests heavily blessed with unique plant species that naturally grow in them. Here you witness volcanic highlands with hot springs around them. Check out the bulky waterfalls and surrounding green vegetation, and the colorful rainbows creating a complete place of paradise on earth.
The Costa Rica climate is the tropical climate that is suitable for any place of vacation the rainy seasons begins from May to November but this timing does not have to make you cancel your planned trips in this period. A day starts with sunny weather, and then the rains follow in the afternoon.
The wildlife in Costa Rica is diverse and lively. The marine life at the coast is made up of a variety of aquatic species of fish, water plants, and other marine animals in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea waters of Costa Rica. Whales can be seen frequenting the near coast while dolphins roam and play at the Ocean.
Cabo Matapalo, Cahuita, and Bahia Salinas are the popular tourist attractions on the coast. Here many fun activities are enjoyed. There is scuba diving, snorkeling into the Pacific Ocean to stay close to and view the beautiful ecosystem in the ocean. Rest on the white and black volcanic sands of the beach while the sun spices up your body muscles to relax. Surf along the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the other side of Costal Rica, the Caribbean Sea coast. These coastal beach points are the ideal points to relax and be free from the hustle and bustle of the city life.