Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico

Acapulco is the best resort on the Pacific side of Mexico, a place that used to be a famous spot and a starting point of many ships exploring the South Seas. Today, this is by far the most attractive tourist destination in Mexico and Latin America which is crowned with the title ”Pearl of the Pacific”. And this is not exaggerating. The beautiful nature and the turquoise waters join with the modern infrastructure to create the perfect place for vacation. Acapulco has beaches to die for, 24/7 parties, and yet, you can still find places in the surrounding nature for tranquility and relaxation. 
 Today, Acapulco is a lure for tourists, but a long time ago when it used to mark the beginning of many trading routes it was a lure for pirates too. In the old part of town or ‘Acapulco Nutico’, you can see the Fort of San Diego which once served as a protection against pirates. Acapulco is a former Spanish colonial town and it sure has the characteristics of a one. The central part of the old district is called Zocalo. It is a town square with a cathedral and many restaurants of different sizes. 
Acapulco offers all that one would look for during their summer vacation. Day activities and nightlife are various. There are about 20 beaches and clearly, this is the main reason for which most visitors come. If you are a fan of water sports you have a guaranteed fun-time. The waters are great for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. There is certainly enough water surface for your favorite sports like water surfing and water skiing. Besides the beaches there is bursting vegetation. All that merges with the long avenues and lines of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs. Restaurants are of all types. If you are eager to try traditional dishes you are most welcome, but if you are not keen on experimenting, you will not have trouble finding international cuisine. 
The youngest will enjoy the CICI water park and the dolphinarium situated by the main beach. For those who do not feel fulfilled doing beach activities all day long, tennis and golf courts and horses are riding too. You can find shelter from the sun in some of the green areas which are perfect for spending time with your family while having a picnic. Another extraordinary thing you can see here is the fearless cliff divers. They have every day shows at La Quebrada Cliffs. You can find some restaurants which have a great view of the divers. That way you can eat your dinner and entertain yourselves at the same time. 
There are a few more things that tourists like about Acapulco. The Pie de la Cuesta, a quiet lagoon with a surf beach, a place for which you usually need a bus ride. Isla de la Roqueta is another popular tourist spot. You can either take a taxi or a boat tour and once you get there you can immediately start sightseeing. From here you can see the houses of the rich and famous and the submarine Virgin of Guadalupe.  Acapulco has a great location. No need to mention that it comes right out at sea and that is located by one of the most amazing coastlines in the world. Besides, you have an 11 km long shoreline and a big airport nearby.  
Mexico City is 400 km north of Acapulco. There are two well-known parts of Acapulco: Acapulco Dorado-the the golden part which is easily compared to Ocean Drive and Acapulco Diamante or the ‘Beverly Hills neighborhood’. The first is the center of fun and action, crowded streets and popular hotels and restaurants. The latter is the home address of rich people, a sight of luxury and extravagance. Acapulco Dorado starts with La Costera Avenue and ends with Carretera Escenica at Puerto Marquez. Puerto Marquez is a quieter bay with a smaller frequency of tourists and very friendly locals. The highway continues southeast and leads to the international airport. 
The municipality of Acapulco lies beneath the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range. It has different types of terrain and one major river called Papagayo. From the highest peaks Potrero, San Nicholas, and Alto Camaron to the shore, the altitude drops from 1700meters to sea level. To add up to the gorgeous scenery, nature has created two lagoons Tres Palos and Coyuca as well as many thermal springs. As the altitude lowers, the temperature rises. The closer to the sea, the warmer it is. The climate is tropical and the period from May to November hides the danger of tropical storms and hurricanes. The warm and wet weather makes Acapulco a natural habitat of diverse marine life, many bird species and small mammals. 
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