Bulgaria is small and elder place with adventurous spirit and extraordinary beauty. This country provides nature, space and a richness of flora and fauna. Most visitors are struck by the natural beauty of Bulgaria, tourists can enjoy on the long hot summers and snowy winters, therefore this tourist destination is ideal combination for beach, outdoor life and winter skiing. It is also intriguing experience for those who enjoy cultural and historical monuments and want to taste the unique folklore. 
Sofia-bulgaria Bulgaria is situated in the south-east part of Europe and more precisely in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. This country is centrally located between the countries of Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. The area of Bulgaria extends over 110,910 square kilometers. The Black Sea is on the eastern side of the country. The Black Sea was known under various names in the past. The ancient Greeks called it at one time Pontos Axeinos, which mean the Hostile Sea because of its storminess and lack of islands, but after colonizing its coast, the Greeks renamed it Pontos Euxeinos, the Hospitable Sea.

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The sunny summers, warm sea water, broad and cozy beaches, breezy parks, restored hotels and the good service that offer Bulgaria, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Bulgaria is famous for its nice sandy beaches. The most popular places for holidays at this destination are Sunny Beach, Sozopol and Nessebar
Places to visit in Bulgaria
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria reviews
The ideal holiday is relaxing on a Sunny Beach resort. Sunny Beach is the best Bulgarian seaside resort, the jewel of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera. Just north along the coast from the main southern coast city of Bourgas, Sunny Beach has probably more development than any other part of the Bulgarian coast. Many restaurants, bars and many sport facilities are at visitor’s disposal. There are many opportunity for sports including surfing, water skis and parachutes, sailing, yachts, scooters, beach volleyball and there are also a lot of sports tournaments. 
There is no better place to relax and enjoy yourself as Sunny Beach is, it offers to the visitors the opportunity to experience unique moments by choosing this place for their holidays. Among the variety restaurants, tourists will entertain and in the night clubs, bars, and casinos which are transmute of an interesting and unforgettable experience.
Sozopol, Bulgaria reviews
Sozopol offers amazing holidays to the visitors. It’s known as a place of refuge for sea travelers it’s a great traditional and picturesque Black Sea town with great clean beaches. Sozopol is situated on a small rocky peninsula on the southern Black Sea coast and south east of the bustling port of Bourgas. Sozopol was called Apolonia after its majestic temple dedicated to Apollo, and also Sozopol is the most ancient city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, but today is a beautiful seaside city. If you are coming on vacation in Sozopol you will be fascinated of the beauty of the city, its narrow cobbled streets, historic churches, weather blackened eaves, bay windows and fine architectural ensembles of solid wooden houses which are dating from the previous centuries. Today Sozopol consists two parts. The old part occupies the peninsula and it has a unique architecture of the old town, and the new part of the city is near the beaches that contains many restaurants and other facilities for the numerous holidaymakers. Sozopol is quickly developing as a tourist centre.
Nessebur, Bulgaria reviews
Nessebar is a place, where history lives together with the present times. Nessebar is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. This ancient city is situated on a small linked with the mainland with a narrow passage. The resorts are spread along the Black Sea coast in beautiful bays with wide sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water. The beaches are covered in fine golden sand, and the sea bottom dips slightly, slowly increasing in depth, which makes it fun and safe for children. This is one reason why holiday villages in the region are among the most popular destinations for family tourism. 
The town has preserved architectural monuments from all periods and centuries. There are many churches dating from the early Byzantine period from 5th to 6th Century. The most popular are the Old Bishop’s Residence in an early Byzantine style, the New Bishops Residence -St. Stefan, which contains valuable murals from the 12th century, and the Christ Pantocrator and Aliturgetos churches dating from 13th -14th century. 
Nessebar is the cultural treasury of Bulgaria. Today Nessebar is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets, among the little shops offering handmade souvenirs, knitting and jewelry. The town with its splendid antique atmosphere gives an opportunity for recreation and leisure. This tourist destination has many comfortable guest houses and private rooms for accommodation. The wonderful ancient ambiance of Nessebar is opportunity for an unforgettable holiday.
Tourists have a great selection of resorts and accommodation to choose from – depending on their budget and on the particular kind of holiday they are interested in. One can find anything from luxurious 4 to 5-star hotels, large holiday hotel complexes, private hotels, small guesthouses – to more secluded holiday villages, villas and B&B style rooms. 
Black Sea coast has beautiful sandy beaches dotted with modern and luxurious resorts and fine hotels, countless sports and entertainment facilities. Among the many numerous resorts also very popular are Riviera Holiday Club, Sunny Day Tourist Complex, St. Constantine, Elenite Holiday Village, Dyuni Holiday Village, they invite all travelers from Europe and around, to make Black Sea Coast as their next summer vacation destination.

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