Palau islands are a part of what makes the larger Micronesia area in Oceania. Palau lies on the southeastern side of the Philippines. However, it is essential to note that Palau is not one of the Federated States of Micronesia but an independent republic. Due to the occupation by Japanese, Palau was a hot spot for battles during World War. The climate of Palau is generally a tropical one with the area receiving a lot of rainfall during the year especially between the months of July and October which are not the best to visit the island. 
Luckily, typhoons are extremely rare in Palau. It is made of several regions starting with the Babeldaob region which is the biggest island. Koror region is home to Koror city and rocky islands region is largely uninhabited but houses jellyfish and it is a safe swimming place for snorkelers. Other regions include the Sonsorol Islands, Angaur and Peleliu. 
Southwest islands in Palau are definitely a must-visit place for travelers with some form of marine transport like a yacht. Scuba diving is the main activity that makes Palau quite famous and it is home to one of the world’s famous diving sites known as Blue corner. However, the site has high currents and constantly visited by sharks. It is located in close proximity to numerous resorts and you can have a tour to the World War 2 battlefields organized for you. Other amazing sites offering diving opportunities are Blue Holes, Ulong Channel, and the Germany Channel. You can repeatedly dive at one site as many times as you want and every time you can be assured of an awesome and completely different experience.
Jellyfish lakes are also another aspect that make Palau quite famous and are characterized by their lack of stingers. While scuba diving is not allowed in jellyfish lakes, you can for snorkeling and get to experience this natural phenomenon that has become a scientific mystery.
You can get diving equipments from Splash dive shop where you will also find the experienced divemasters. The Palau International Coral Reef Centre is a must-visit and the educational aquarium has a very good shop for souvenirs. Most of the displays here emphasize on education and you will find seagrass aquarium, inner reef aquarium, mangrove swamp for recreation, and a topographical Palau map.
You can go for a shopping expedition at W.C.T.C Shopping Center in Koror city that houses a grocery store, drug store, and a digital photo-printing shop. Local souvenirs are also sold here as well. Being a remote island, the main industry in Palau is tourism and you can expect most of the prices to be comparatively high and budget travelers might, unfortunately, have no fun in shopping. You can find almost everything for eating in Palau and you can find dishes from all corners of the world. The Rock Island Café is a great place to catch some American- style foods. If you are interested in a mind-blowing nightlife, you will find it at Kramer’s and they also have some great milkshakes and burgers as well.