Kolkata, India

For the past couple of years, Kolkata is one of the cities in India that have experienced a dramatic transformation that has placed it on the global map as a tourist destination. Very famous for the devotion and inspiring work committed by Mother Teressa, Kolkata has become a hub of culture and traditions in India. Besides being an intimate city, the city is quite vibrant with a captivating soul. Notably as the only Indian city with tram car network, Kolkata is an exceptional city worthy of a visit. 
Kolkata has a rich history and after experiencing a boom during the times of British occupation, infrastructure in the city has been damaged severely by political actions and other problems such as power shortages. Fortunately, the city is on its road to economic recovery and has become one of the largest and most important cities in India. 
With a population of 15 million-plus people, Kolkata is listed third in terms of most populous cities in India after New Delhi and Mumbai. The city is characterized by a tropical climate and summers are extremely hot and humid. The winter season is cool and dry and traveling to Kolkata during April is discouraged as the weather is unbearable. Kolkata attractions are a combination of eclectic historical, spiritual, and cultural attractions.
You can start with a visit to Victoria Memorial before continuing to the Maiden and the famous flower market. Other fascinating sights worthy of a visit are the Botanical gardens, Kali Temple, Indian Museum, and the Belur Math Shrine. Nightlife in Kolkata is as awesome as you would want it to be and people go dancing in the bars till morning. Mother Teresa’s tomb is also worthy of a visit as you continue down to the spectacular Eden Gardens where there is a small lake and home to the city’s Cricket Stadium.
Kolkata is also a spiritual center with numerous religious buildings like the beautifully maintained Birla Temple. Other spiritual attractions include the Kalighat, Nakhoda Mosque, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Armenian Church, and several Jewish Synagogues. The Eden Garden is a great place to take a walk down the river and Princep ghat is also a great place for strolling down the memorial lane. Boat cruising is also common as well as Tuk Tuk or Rickshaw rides. The city is also dotted with numerous modern cinemas especially at City Centre and Forum Shopping Mall. Nandan acts as an art and cultural symbol in Kolkata and Kolkata Film Festival is held here every year in November.
Most Kolkatans have a passion for football and some of the best known national teams are found in Kolkata. The Indian Premier League is a major cricket event not just in Kolkata but worldwide. Being one of the major trading centers in India, shopping in Kolkata is always a great experience. Notable items that can be bought include handicrafts and leather goods in major shopping malls such as South City Mall, City Center, Metro Plaza, and others. The city is also famous as home to some of the best restaurants in India and foodie tourists should consider trying the free Kolkata Food Walk.