St.Ives, U.K.

St. Ives is a stunningly beautiful ancient town set along the magnetically scenic coastal shore of the Cornwall county England, United Kingdom. It is a globally renowned centre for art and boosts of lovely craft shops and enchanting galleries of which the amazingly inspiring art in the Tate St. Ives exhibition is the epitome. Other than the galleries, the city also boasts of golden sandy beaches, and with the ever-increasing range of hotels, holiday cottages and villas, the town is now a renowned tourist resort.
Travelling to this seaside resort town is mostly by air to London, the capital city of England and then takes a train or a bus to St Ive’s or to the nearby towns such as Penzance and take the bus if you enjoy site seeing, to the town. You can also take a charted jet to nearby airports such as New Quay and Plymouth and link by bus or a private car.
There is a wide range of accommodation facilities in St. Ives ranging from high-class hotels to self-catering accommodations. Hotel experience is excellent which leaves you with the freedom to enjoy the town from its seafront to the back galleries. Some of the famous hotels here include Blue Hayes Hotel, Tregena Castle Hotel, Boskerris Hotel, Carbis Bay Hotel, Garrack Hotel and the Borthalan Hotel. The most popular accommodation option for many travellers is the bed and breakfast, which is always pocketing friendly. Moreover, there are several such inns all around town. Self-catering option is also another favourite for the majority of the visitors. You can get quality self-catering facilities at the Cornwall cottage Boutique and at the Sail lofts five star. There are many other accommodation facilities such as hostels, which you can check out if you have time. 
With the numerous tourists who dock here every year, there are many restaurants and eateries in St. Ives. You can find a restaurant for every kind of food served in town, if you choose what you eat and where you eat depending on your mood then you can never go hungry in St. Ives. If you are into seafood it is worth trying out joints such as Porth minster café and Alfresco, for Italian dishes try olives café and for Indian foods then head to Rajpoot restaurant. Most restaurants here prepare English food and there you can easily find one if you savour the flavour. 
There is a wide variety of attractions in St Ives and the surrounding area they range from the sea life, the sandy beaches to the art galleries. The most famous attraction is the Tate St Ives, which houses a range of modern art exhibitions. Museums are also another great attraction in St. Ives. Some of the important museums that tell the history of the great town are the Barbara Hepworth Museum, the Leach Pottery and the St Ives Archive Centre. The Paradise Park in the nearby Hayle and the Treasure Park are also great holiday attractions. 
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