Manchester, U.K.

Manchester lies in the Greater Manchester region in the northwestern part of England. It lies between Liverpool and Leeds. Manchester is famous all over the world thanks to its football clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City. The 2002 Commonwealth Games took place in Manchester, hence raising the city to the top levels of fame in sports. Apart from being a renowned sport city, ether are many attractions such as historic monuments and nature parks. Manchester is also home to one of the largest airports in England, and thanks to this airport, it is easy to access the city from all over the world.
Manchester Airport is the major gateway for international tourists visiting Manchester City. It is the largest airport amongst those outside the London area. You can connect to Manchester directly from places within the United Kingdom, Europe; Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. in the USA; and some cities in Asia such as Abu Dhabi and Singapore. From the airport, you can catch a coach bus or train to the station within the city. If you are within the U.K., you can use the high-speed train transport services that stop at either Victoria Station or Piccadilly Station in Manchester City. There are also bus companies that proved long distance between Manchester City and cities in the U.K. These companies include National Express, Megabus, and GorillaBus.
Staying in Manchester is comfortable and a brilliant chance to blend with the local culture. Manchester is a modern city with plenty of social facilities including security, bars, restaurants, and accommodation facilities for those who do not have a home in the region. However, to get the average quality of accommodation, you are likely to pay dearly from 18 Pounds upwards per night. You can also get a self-catering apartment for a night or longer periods. Examples of accommodation facilities in the city are Hilton Chambers, which is a popular youth hostel in England.
As you would expect from any other cosmopolitan city, Manchester has a large number of exotic restaurants. West Didsbury and Chorlton are two areas within Manchester that are noted for their large number of great eateries. There is a local dining service; unique and new if it is your first time to experience the Manchester life. The Eat-Out service is claimed to be reliable, it can assist to explore places, and book restaurants you can eat, book a table, and leave feedback concerning the service and the hotel you enjoyed your meal.
There are also hundreds of kebab and pizza shops you can find along Oxford Road, Fallowfield, and Rusholme. The cheapest eateries are located in the streets of the Northern Quarter. There are plenty of all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets in Chinatown for less than 10 Pounds. Prices tend to change with the time of day and likely demand.
Manchester is a city of numerous attractions. The major and international attractive aspect of the city is being the home to famous football and cricket clubs; one of the greatest football clubs in the world is located in Old Trafford whereas the Manchester City Football Club is located in Sportcity. The historic attractions are also a brilliant way to see the ancient medieval England. They include the Castlefield, the Manchester Town Hall, and Manchester Cathedral, amongst many other sites. You can also explore the Manchester culture by visiting its theaters and concerts such as the huge, lovely Opera House.