Boracay Island, Philippines

As an island surrounded by awesomely sparkling white sand beaches and popular for fascinating water sports, high-end restaurants, clubbing and glamorous nightlife; Boracay island is a true tropical paradise within the Philippines territory. Its captivating nightlife, well-developed water sport facilities that add color to the already spectacular beaches, Boracay island is surely a great tourist destination. 
Located at about 350 kilometers from Manila in the Aklan province, Boracay is about an hour plane travel from both Manila and Cebu. The two main airports you are likely to use are Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or Kalibo Airport. You will then have to board a vehicle to the Caticlan Port where you will transfer to a ferry to reach Boracay Island.
Travelling within the island on short distances is mostly by tricycle vehicles, which in most cases act as taxis on the island. Long distance travel is normally by the ordinary four-wheeled taxis. Motor boats also play a major role in transport on the island, especially if you would like to enjoy the scenic views of the Philippines islands from the ocean. 
Though Boracay is known for its high-end hotels and resorts, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a number of simple but beautiful furnished bed and breakfast establishments for budget travellers. Remember to book your accommodation in advance especially during Christmas and New Year time, which is normally the peak season. The best places to find the best accommodation facilities is on the white beach, but if you want your peace of mind, avoid those establishments at the centre, as that is the most crowded area. The northern part is more luxurious and not viable budget travellers where as the south is fair, hence ideally economic if you are coming as a group. 
To satisfy its ever-surging number of visitors, Boracay has developed a wide array of eateries that vary both in pricing and the dishes served. For instance, A1 Boracay is known to serve only the best-imported Italian Arabica coffee beans; Bamboo Lounge serves a good selection of Chinese food while Blue Jade Cafe is known to serve delicious Asian and European cuisine. You should therefore not worry about where to eat or drink, as you will always easily find a cafe or a joint that serves exactly the flavour you fancy. 
There are numerous places to see and stuff to do for any typical tourist. You could start by visiting the white beach and enjoy walking on the sparkling white sand bear foot enjoy board skating or scuba dive. Bailing Hai Beach is another interesting place to visit. In this quite cove north of Diniwid Beach, you will enjoy swimming, snorkeling and even take a boat tour to enjoy the scenery.
In addition, visit the now famous bat cave see the small insectivorous bats. You can also go for shopping in the small shopping centers within the island. Here you are likely to find fresh fruits and vegetables, wines and other manufactured drinks. Remember to also buy and pack bottled water for the safety of your health.

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