Great things to do in Florida without going to Disneyland

Though theme parks offer a great draw to one of the most exciting cities in the state, the truth is that there’s much more to both Orlando and Florida than the theme parks found there. 
Filled with nature, history, science, and art, there are many great things to enjoy whilst on your holiday, and here are just a few:
Kennedy Space Center 
With so much scientific culture, such as The Big Bang Theory, now found in mainstream media, so much more attention is being paid to the subject by people of all ages. 
Found just East of Orlando (though not quite in Orlando itself), many hotels and travel companies offer trips and tours to the heart of world space travel at the Kennedy Space Center. 
Nowhere else in the world do you get the opportunity to tour launch areas, meet astronauts, see rockets and even try out space simulators. 
If you’re really lucky, you could even have the opportunity to view a launch. 
Guided tours are $25 per adult and $19 per child, plus tax and in addition to admission.
Keeping to the theme of science, known locally as ‘the upside-down house’, the attraction is a building of fun, learning, and interactive science.
According to their website: 
“Legend has it, the world’s greatest scientists – led by Professor Wonder – were given the task of creating a man-made tornado and harnessing the POWER of it. During this experiment, something went awry and the power of the tornado was unleashed throughout the laboratory.” 
The result of which is the Wonderworks interactive museum that we see now on International Drive in the center of Orlando. 
With over 100 interactive exhibits, Lazer-tag, and a 4-D cinema, the works offer fun for all ages. 
Prices for adults start at $24.99 for adults and $19.99 for children.
Tibet-Butler Preserve 
If you want to experience some of the beautiful nature that Florida is famous for, you’ll be glad to know that the Tibet-Butler Preserve features 440 acres of wonder and is home to bobcats, bald eagles, tortoises, and foxes. 
With enough swamp, marsh, and flatlands to keep your imagination rolling throughout the preserve, the 3.6 miles of walkways are enough to keep people of all ages satisfied. 
Though you may not want to make the trek in the height of, a relaxing stroll during evenings or late summer will be enough to satisfy anyone’s thirst for the wild.
Café TuTu Tango 
One of the most exciting and unique restaurants in the city of Orlando, Café TuTu Tango is the most colorful and vibrant restaurant in the city. 
Offering ‘a place for the starving artist’, the walls are simply amassed with excitement as anything and everything on a building is for sale.  
With live paintings, live music, and some of the best food that money can buy, the restaurant is a hub of excitement – every minute of the day.