Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

Atlantis was once a gorgeous island that used to exist during the prehistoric times. Currently, Atlantis remains submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is part of Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This Atlantis Island exists as an underwater attraction known as the Dig in the Atlantis Resort of Paradise Island. Tours are usually held on the island, so every member of the tour should be ready with the necessary underwater protective’s to be able to visit the island. The Atlantis Resort was opened just two years before this 21st century by a South African based hotel. It is a place of the average to the luxurious lifestyle, where everything is in plenty in support of the tourists visiting the resort. 
Atlantis Resort is accessible from the mainland of the Bahamas and Providence Island. If you are coming from abroad, you can use airlines that land at the international airport in the Bahamas. Providence Island is connected to Atlantis Resort by two bridges. One of the bridges is for entering the resort whereas the other one is an exit bridge from the resort. Note that entering Atlantis through the bridge will cost you one Dollar in case you are entering with a vehicle. From the Bahamas mainland, board a ferry that lands into Paradise Islands, then take a ride to the Atlantis Resort. If you are using your yacht, then pack at the Hurricane Hole Marina. 
Atlantis Resort has high quality and luxurious accommodation facilities. If you are willing to stay in the resort, you have to be ready to sacrifice your money for the luxurious forms of living in the hotels and villas. The hotels available in the resort are Beach Tower, Royal Towers, Coral Towers, Harborside Resort, The Reef, and Cove Atlantis suites. The Royal Towers holds the top position in the most expensive hotels in America and the world. If you are searching for exquisite villas, then find a wide selection in the Harborside Resort, which has over 200 villas, a restaurant, and provides a shuttle transport service into the Atlantis Resort. The Reef is specialized in providing condominiums. 
There are many places you can choose to dine in depending on the kind of cuisine you prefer or the attractive setting of the restaurant or hotel you find to suit your preference. The food pricing is fair though there are some restaurants you may pay as high as $22, which is not that costly I guess. Dune Ocean Club is the best place for high-class dining, and it is popular for being the club where famous actors, James Bond, used to dine. For Asian cuisine visit NOBU restaurant, whereas Café Martinique will serve you French dishes. Mediterranean seafood is best served at the Courtyard restaurant. 
Another word you can give to Atlantis is an adventurous beauty. As you get to the place, not only does Atlantis wow your eyes, but it also unfolds the secret past of its region. You can enjoy sports at the Aqua venture and The Current. Discover the past being the popularity of Atlantis; brought about by The Dig – the location of an ancient island city that once existed, but is submerged in the sea. This island is referred to as the ‘Lost Atlantis City’.