In the central part of the Asian continent is the small country of Turkmenistan. The country is mostly a desert country with a large part of its territory being covered by the Karakum Desert. However, Turkmenistan enjoys the vibrant coastal asset by having a costal shoreline with the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan borders many countries located at the center of the Asian continent: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Uzbekistan. Tourism in Turkmenistan is allowable despite the strictness of political and military activities from the citizens of the country. This means residents of Turkmenistan are not allowed to be political or carry out non-governmental military activities.
Turkmenistan has well-developed transportation facilities. A few airlines are operating international flights in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan Airlines connects the country to farther destinations such as Dubai, Frankfurt, Delhi, Moscow, Minsk, London, Istanbul, Kyiv, Saint Petersburg, Beijing, Bangkok, Abu-Dhabi, Amritsar and Almaty. The Turkish Airlines Handles flights to and from Istanbul, Lufthansa Airlines handles the destination of Frankfurt and Fly Dubai handles the Dubai destination. 
Traveling by land can also be convenient because it enables the passengers to view the landscape sceneries of Turkmenistan as they enter the country. Trains can be boarded in Russia and Iran to reach the border of Turkmenistan and Iran. Entering Turkmenistan by bus requires verification using a visa and passing through a checkup process. Every neighboring state to Turkmenistan offers the public bus transport means to enter Turkmenistan.
Turkmenistan’s accommodation varieties are high in numbers. Accommodation can be paid in Turkmenistan money and even in dollars. Within the capital city along the Miracle Mile road, there is a line of luxurious hotels to choose from. Many other small hotels are owned by the government and public authorities, which you may find to be affordable. There are also camps for camp lovers. The camping sites are found on the coast of the Caspian Sea.
When dining in Turkmenistan, you can always expect either mutton or beef meat in your dish as you visit in the fine restaurants and hotels in the city center and towns. Before any meal, people are served with soup made using meat and vegetables. Forms of the Russian diet can be found in restaurants. The local and Russian drinks are readily available alongside tea.
There are many places to visit Turkmenistan. There are many unique natural features to meet, archaeological sites, cultural sites, and historic sites within the country. Kow Ata Lake is a great swimming experience. Archaeological sites include the Altin Depe, Gonur Depe, Nissa, and the Jeitun that was a human settlement in the Mesolithic period. There are many historic buildings like the tenth century Shir Kabir Mausoleum. There are numerous nature reserves within the country to explore and interact with many wildlife species and unique landmarks of the country. The Caspian Sea coast is also a nice place to enjoy the coastal climate. Interestingly enough, camping sites have been set up at the coast so you can live on the coast for as long as you wish.